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This robot uses hoverboard motors and custom electronics for driving 4 sensored BLDC motors. The robot is still in development phase. I plan to publish all CAD … Read more
Hello everyone. It's been a while since I posted my last project, so I decided to share a new job in a nutshell. If anyone is interested, I can add more details. Read more

New Dual Mode Servo

The 2000 Series Dual Mode Servo is a feature-full standard size servo tailored for the robotics market!  In the default mode the servo is able to rotate a whopping 280 degrees while retaining positioning feedback.  Using the 3102 Series Dual Mode Servo Programmer (

Hello LMR once again! This is me Noah with another robot project. So I was at the dump one day and all of a sudden I saw a robot in the trash. It was a Neato robot … Read more
written by Antonius Ringlayer www.ringlayer.com Kinematics is a branch of mathematics, physics and classic mechanical engineering.   There are 2 mostly used … Read more
I was selected to review the LIDAR-Lite 3 Laser Rangefinder High Performance. Being that all of my projects use some sort of object avoidance or detection this was … Read more
Detects rocket launch, apogee and descend to open a parachute
Hello! After the previous successful but heavy automatic parachute system* *(If you didn't see the previous article please visit it here, as it has all the … Read more
Introduction EM4 Educational Motorized Robot Kit OWI-891 is rated for age 8+ and allowes to build 4 different types of robots. Here, I'm going to describe only … Read more


Makes Conversation, Answers Questions, Explores
Using a
This is Ava.  Ava is a friendly internet connected home companion robot that mostly likes to talk and learn new things.  To do this, she uses natural language … Read more

The first day of my robotic life

i have always wanted to build robots. It aways seemed like something that was out of my reach Either not enough time or resources. For that matter a realistic idea of what i wanted to accomplish. For the past couple of months i have been putting together tools and a workshop. . i have been studing Proramming with C. I have been looking at kits as well as projects people have built from scratch.  I have put together the parts to build my first robot, nothing fancy, an Arduino Uno, a  couple of servos, switchs, wire. etc..

So here I go. 

(Artificial) life has found a way... New robot!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted in quite a while, the reason being that I just have way too many unfinished robots.

But this one... this one, I will hopefully finish (but I can’t promise!).

I had 3D printed a Velociraptor skeleton puzzle (the raptor being like the ones from Jurassic Park/World,) and I thought, “you know, this would make for an awesome robot.” And that’s exactly what I’m working on now.

reacts to sound or light changes performing arms and head movements
I'm building an humanoid robot based in Kraftwerk band ones. The robot has two servos, five DC motors and five potentiometers for measure the position of them. … Read more
TacoBot is a stackable coding robot designed for children aged 4 and up. Different functioning Tacobot is ready to play right after stacking. He teaches kids to … Read more

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Six legged walker wanders and avoids walls and objects
Hello LMR once again! This is me Noah with another robot project. So I was at the dump one day and all of a sudden I saw a robot in the trash. It was a Neato robot … Read more
Navigate and avoid obstacles with ultrasound sensor. Can follow a line and reproduce sounds. You can handle it manually or create your own programs for it!
Once you have unboxed the mBot and mounted the fun can start!  Read more
'Recreation In Slowness' In contrast to the digital revolution, ZENrobot paints his circles very slowly. It's a kind of meditation watching this robot scratching … Read more
  Hi everyone, I finally finished my first robot. It is wooden arm with 4 servos. I was inspirated by Pinaut, who made this robot: … Read more
HI all Im still in the build for this one but have got a fair bit done. Im using reclaimed 12V drill motors with rehoused gearboxes. An arduino will be the brains … Read more
Hello LMRians! We just received this pretty awesome LIDAR and we're looking for one member to give their perspective on it! And kick-off the 2018 review … Read more