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3D coordinate estimation. (ANN)

3D coordinate estimation on detected object.

Hi everyone, this is the 1st time I joining LMR!

Here I want to share my previous project on computer vision. It used a laser pointer, a camera and servos to make it work.

What Happen??

Camera try to detect any object that we want using image processing(eg video: external object from monitored area), than MATLAB controlling the 2 axis servo in pointing the laser point on the detected object by the help of Fuzzy Logic controller. Then it come to the idea, I used the value of each servo rotation and the pixel object coordinate in the image captured,and the actual 3D coordinate of the object as a training input data to the ANN(Artificial Neural Network). After few time training, the system it self able to estimate the object coordinate.

The estimation is not really precise, but just to realized the idea into real world. =) Feel free to comment.

*This is my first time, anything I do wrong, let me know so I can improve.

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Hate the music, love the project.

Very interesting and nice!

Thanks for sharing, and welcome to LMR :D

Thanks for the response, I'm thinking to remove the background music later. I also found it pretty annoying. >.<


(And sorry for my stupid comment - I just had the volume really loud, and was like wft!? :D)

Agree! Cool project~~

looks good, have you considered mounting the camera on the pan and tilt kit?  It can blur somewhat when moving but works pretty well.  I dig the pan and tilt kit and laser chassis you made of plexi!

Thanks rogue, I'm thinking to build the next version and implement it. Also I want to migrate from using MATLAB to openCV. Your face tracker really cool, I'm looking forward to see how its response. =)

hi guy ....b can you tell me the algoritm of image processing ???

because i'm very beginner for image processing.... :D