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3D printing / Laser services

I think it would be a great idea if we had a laser / 3D printing services where people would pay us to laser out or 3D print their designs and we ship it to thier house. One problem is that we would be in a lot of competition with lots of other people and companies. Thanks!!!

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The idea could be exapanded to include whatever services are not generally available (3D printing, desktop CNC machining, vacuum forming, laser cutting & engraving, PCB production etc.). When you mention "pay us" - do you mean individuals or LMR as a whole? You're correct that there are many such services available professionally, so being competitive won't be easy. Quite a few additional considerations like a secure payment method, insurance on shipping, and a quality guarantee. The idea of having the community be able to make a bit of money on the side if they have specialized tools is certainly appealing, but the idea would need to be thought through quite a bit.

True but I was thinking a small portion could go to LMR while the rest goes to the person doing the services. Maybe instead of doing 3D printing or Laser services we could do robotic services where maybe we build robots and ship it to people they want. We could be a robot design and building services. That would be cool lol.

RobotShop does get quite a few requests for design / building services but do not have any lists of companies nor individuals. That aspect would effectively be consultation. Interesting idea.