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  Well this is not my first robot but as a software developer i felt maybe i can do something interesting right now. Right now the robot can be controlled via a … Read more
I am looking to build a track robot, but I'm on a budget. So I can buy on for more than $150 or so. I see so many options, but I am looking for one that will … Read more
I came to robotics late in life, although I have always enjoyed science fiction, but I thought I would like to try building a robot. Using two microswitches, two … Read more

Building a AJM (Automated Juggler Machine)

Ever since i learnt juggling i wanted to build a machine that could juggle.

Shannon was an inspiration, I wish i was as smart as him. Incidentally i discovered him when I was planning to build a maze

solver robot and looking over the youtube looking for videos of robots done before.

Automated Juggling machine -Case Study of closed loop SystemWhat is Feedback Read more


I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas,

Intro   Hello to everyone :) I'm Łukasz and I want to share with you the process of design and building my robot Dzik Rover. It's my very first project, therefore … Read more

What is a ROBOT?

I have seen this question asked and have not yet found a real answer or one that actually describe or defines what a robot is.

Here I am asking the infamous question "What is a Robot"

Can't wait to see what your thoughts are.

In this post I wish to outline the build of a compact indoor autonomous car using neural network for navigation. The setup can be used to train and validate … Read more
Hello all, I wanted to share my latest project. I have wanted to build a security driven machine for years. I sourced a couple Jazzy scooters to use their frame , … Read more
I have volunteered to stripe several football fields for our school district.   Here is what I would like to do:  Paint the lines quickly with my existing riding … Read more
Hello again! After some months without publishing here we are again! Today I bring a new project I've been working for months already: a water rocket with automatic … Read more
I am planning an art installation for the 2018 Burning man event . It is to be titled Ralph's Robot Wreckers I am looking for help with the animation and light, … Read more

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simulate the Automation of modern manufacturing technologies ,Robotic Arms manufacturing
I have always Read more
  Before we start What is the sumo robot? It is a self-control robots with specific dimensions and features, it is also designed in a Hostile shape which qualify … Read more
April 11th 2018 Update : The Items Used have changed. I Will Update Soon... project : 17 DOF humanoid Robot     Components Used : Read more
This is a work in progress. My daughter (robotics major at Olin College outside of Boston, MA) and I have been working on this for about a year now. Here's a list … Read more
Use simple hand vacuum. Also WiFi connection (esp8266-12). Lua codes web server to connection. Limit switches for motion forward and rear. Bot remembers sequence of … Read more
This project is about implementing a short and relatively easy Arduino sketch to provide XYZ inverse kinematic positioning. I had built a 6 servo robotic arm but … Read more

Recommendation Engine

I have been laid up this winter and have been working from home the past several months.  Idle hands ARE the devil's work so I decided to take on a machine learning challenge at CodeProject.com and build a recommendation engine like Amazon, Facebook etc.  These are interesting pieces of software that in commercial sites can work in conjunction with search engines to lead customers to content, products or items they might never would have looked at otherwise.  In fact, this is something that might be useful on LMR - maybe have a recommendations window for when a user logs in?&