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this cheap and light weight robot has a very simple algorithm and runs on an ATmega 8 micro controller and only 2 pairs of sensors !!! :) it's still in … Read more

New Milling Machine I Got for Exchange for my Other One.


I just traded my CNC circuit making machine for a $1000 milling machine. I am pretty sure this machine can work with steel and aluminum no problem lol. I am so excited!!!

hello guys..this is our project.. thats called voice control robot thats controlled bluetooth hc-05 via a smartphone app. The app is developed in such a way that … Read more
hello guys.. this is our new project thats called ir remote controlled robot using arduino. thats controlled by any remote...we have used as ir remote... so lets … Read more
hello guys...this is our project thats called light following arduino robot... this project is based on arduino and light resistor. Read more
Step 1:-introductionwelcome to our channel s-r tronics...we are making some project using arduino..so guys this is our new and  project...gesture hand control … Read more
hello guys... this is our project...its called line follwer robot with object avoid using ultrasonic distance sensor... soo..when robot will move along black track … Read more
hello guys.. this our poject IMO video controlled robot based on arduino using bluetooth hc-05.. for this robot we have used two smartphone ... also this robot is … Read more
hello guys this is our  project..and new thats called autobot with dancing like michael jackson.... its amazing... we have made this cutting cardboard..but you can … Read more
hello guys... this is our project..thats called object avoiding robot.. this one basically arduino based ic controlled by ultrasonic distance sensor.. Read more
hello guys.. this is our project thats called arduino based smartphone app control car using l298 motor driver via bluetooth. sooo lets start.... Read more
hello guys..this is our project.. this is self balancing robot on two wheels using mpu6050 accelerometer.. Read more
hello guys.... we have another project micro servo robotic arm.. basically this arm is arduino based on micro servo motor using 10k potentiometer.. this arm used … Read more
hello guys...this is our  project.. this project is how to build edge avoiding robot using arduino and ir sensor.. Read more

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  Before we start What is the sumo robot? It is a self-control robots with specific dimensions and features, it is also designed in a Hostile shape which qualify … Read more
April 11th 2018 Update : The Items Used have changed. I Will Update Soon... project : 17 DOF humanoid Robot     Components Used : Read more
This is a work in progress. My daughter (robotics major at Olin College outside of Boston, MA) and I have been working on this for about a year now. Here's a list … Read more
Use simple hand vacuum. Also WiFi connection (esp8266-12). Lua codes web server to connection. Limit switches for motion forward and rear. Bot remembers sequence of … Read more
This project is about implementing a short and relatively easy Arduino sketch to provide XYZ inverse kinematic positioning. I had built a 6 servo robotic arm but … Read more

Recommendation Engine

I have been laid up this winter and have been working from home the past several months.  Idle hands ARE the devil's work so I decided to take on a machine learning challenge at CodeProject.com and build a recommendation engine like Amazon, Facebook etc.  These are interesting pieces of software that in commercial sites can work in conjunction with search engines to lead customers to content, products or items they might never would have looked at otherwise.  In fact, this is something that might be useful on LMR - maybe have a recommendations window for when a user logs in?&

3/23/18- Big update. First of all, I had 3D printed a custom chassis that ended up being too small for hardmouse's leg design. This meant that to preserve my print … Read more