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A cheap alternative of soldering

Helps those who don't have access to a solder or doesn't have the correct jumper wire

Any people out there who don't have an access to a solder or don't know how to use one, doesn't have the correct jumper wire, etc., consider this cheap (actually free-ish) alternative of soldering! Just pound the stapler and get the staple out and use it (see image). NOTE: works only with male wires unless you shape the staple so that it would fit in a female wire entrance.

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you also can wrapping your wires, its safe and fast


This isn't a tip and is a desperate measure by someone unwilling to wait for proper jumper wires. You would not even under most circumstances solder to those header pins.

I honestly believe it should be taken down as anyone who doesn't know better(if they exist) could well damage their board.
That staple is the stupidest idea I have ever seen.

Sorry to be so blunt.

I am on your side Robotdan, not I sustain this stupid idea to use a staple with the HUGE risk of shortcut, but because me too, sometime, I do not have the time to wait on shipping and I want to see the result of my programming immediatly, using thousand of precaution to do not create a short !!!!

If you have cable from networks and stuff , those that have many other inside , and that they have solid core,you

can always use my technique found here : https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/36182