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A Concept for a Robot that I am planning to build

Autonomous Exploration

I will use these components:


Tracked Platform:

What I hope my Robot will (someday) do:
- Autonomously Explore Planetary Surfaces (Earth, my backyard, to start with)
- Autonomous Suveillance
- Autonomous Search & Rescue
- Possibility to take over Robot via R/C
- Automatically search and find Charger or Solar Power Source
- Play a game of Chess

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I tried a similar tank platform as that one and the tracks came off very easily. The one I used was the "D" in the pictures at the bottom of that webpage. I've had much better luck with the Dagu Rover 5 tracked platform. The Dagu tracks never come off.

I ordered the "E" platform. The tracks don't come off easily.


Finally, it is here. Motors are included. It is a bit noisy, perhaps some grease will help.

I think it will be fast enough.

I like that concept. I've thought about getting one of those arms. I look forward to following your progress here.

If my measurements are correct, this will be the dimensions:

(the black circles will be small cameras for stereoscopic vision)

Hi Petje2000!

I really like your idea! I read that you want to do this project on Arduino. I would like to recommend you some less known platform on which you can base your project. The company is called Husarion and is from Poland. Their Core2 product contains probably everything you need. On the STM board, programmable in C ++, 4 H bridges (for example, to control the running platform) of the servo output (for control of the arm and the camera). Core2 is fully compatible with RaspberryPi, where you can run ROS (Robot Operating System), so you can easily start up camera support and autonomous robot control. In addition, Husarion offers cloud services that you can control your robot from around the world via the internet (Wi-Fi for Core2 is by Raspberry or WiFi ESP module).

Read more here: https://husarion.com/core2/

And look on ours project of robotic arm based on Core2: https://hackaday.io/project/19096-hrobot

Stay tuned and have fun!


Those links you send are very interesting!!

I certainly will investigate.....

Hi, great concept!

I bought a couple of those arms to play around with. The motors they use are plain 3.3VDC, not stepper motors, which was a complication for my project.

Do you plan on replacing the motors with steppers? If so, please let me know which ones you find that do the job, otherwise there is a modification I have seen that adds a counter to the first gear in each gearbox. I can dig out the link if you need it as I think I have it somewhere.

I really like your idea though and may try something similar myself, so am going to follow your progress :-)


I've searched for stepper motors with the same dimensions, but I can't find them...

I think I found the link you mentioned: