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A fun little project! + extra upgrade!

it will avoid walls using two sensors

here is a small project, that I made with my friend ( Stefan )

if you are a real robot builder , you have alrady got all the stuff you´ll need

turn off your speaker if you get tired of the music ( Daft Punk - Around the World )

and now with upgrade to get a better grip = perfect turn then hitting a wall

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Waa-Waa-Waa-huh? Why isn't your LED frying I thought Leds need resistors?!?!?
sometimes but only if the LED gets more then 3 volt = 2 batteries = 1,5 + 1,5 = 3 volt

Great quick project! Did it actually touch a wall in the video, it looks like the right wheel has slightly more traction than the left and it likes to do brodies.  Impressive video presentation, although I'm partial to TheCowGod's old show tunes for a sound track. What software did you use for the video editing etc.?

And everything has natural resistance to it


Wow!! Really cool little bot!!
And the video is very instructive!!  Nice work  :)

thanks              and  no, it didn´t always touch the walls       and i knew that too  

so i worked on the antenna and sensor and now it works like a dream

Brilliant!Nice invention!

More video / a new video of it actually going, perhaps filmed from a lower point of view would be ace!! Also more pictures, it's great!

But it's "sure" not "Shure"...  :)


you said Shure again when its meant to be Sure!!!!!!!  but any ways good vids