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A robot for my Raspberry

Hi all,
i need your help for a personal project.

I'm a computer science student and I'm very interested in computer vision. I've a Raspberry Pi 2, a Pi Camera and i'm able to write a modular application in Python with OpenCV. Programming is not an issue.

My main problem is the electrical and mechanical part. I don't have any knowledge to choose components or build a rover/robot to give to my software the possibility to take a walk.

For me is the first time I try to build something like a robot, so I need accurate information. Especially "what" and "where" to buy online all components needed.
Maybe I will have to learn how assemble all these parts, but if there is a good guide online somewhere, I can read and follow all tips.
I do not try anything too fancy, but rather something that can be a good start.


Note: my Raspberry already uses WiFi connection and I have a 7800mAh battery to power it.

Please, could someone help me?


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One thing you'll definitely need is a way to control servos with your Pi. You can do it via the GPIO, but I've found it much easier to use a dedicated servo board. The one I've been using and loving lately is the Pololu Maesto. You can get it with between 6 and 24 servo outputs, and it's very easy to control it via Python. It plugs up to the Pi via USB, so no complicated wiring is needed. If you had the Pololu Maestro and a bunch of servos, you'd be well on your way to building a walking robot. Your Python skills will come in very handy. If you want to control DC motors for wheeled robots you'll need a motor controller, and most of those have PWM inputs that would also be controlled via the servo outputs on the Pololu Maestro. There are many more tips to be given here, but hopefully mine will be a helpful start.

Are you after something like an arm, a rover/car, or something else? 

I guess rover/car is the simplest idea to realize.