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A Robot Named Adam

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I'm planning to build an advanced humanoid robot. Think Ex Machina, The Terminator, Data from Star Trek, etc. I decided to avoid teasing by NOT making it a girl. I'd never live that down. If it was a child, I'd be called a pedo. So that leaves male... So just like Data on Star Trek's creator created Data to look just like him, I'm making mine a mirror image of myself! I want the robot to ultimately move like a human, be able to walk, run, jump, do chores, dance, do sports, have conversations realistically, paint, do sculpture, etc. Hope you enjoy following me on my EPIC journey :)


Robot Features Planned

I plan to start out sculpting the left arm and hand, rigging them up with servo motors, connecting that up to a pc, and getting it to grasp. From there I will develop the torso, the skull, the legs, the feet, and the other arm. The bot will have silicone skin and look realistic and move realistic. It will have artificial lungs for cooling. It will have spandex ligaments and pulley systems to imitate muscles. It will have sensors to feel if it bumps into things and it will have webcam eyes. It will have a speaker in the mouth to speak with and the mouth will move to lipsync what it is saying. It will have facial expressions. It will have advanced artificial intelligence. It will run on battery and/or power cable depending on the situation.




Checkout my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/artbyrobot1  I also stream live on www.twitch.tv/gardogg weekly.  My project website is www.artbyrobot.com.

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You might want to look at the Flash Robot's head. It's very cartoony, but extremely expressive.


I will say this, you aren't tackling a small project. Good luck.

That robot looks pretty cool but nothing can beat the wonderful design of humans and animals.  I want mine to look as close to human as possible.

Look forward to seeing where this progresses. My ultimate goal is to make a somewhat life size humanoid, but using the cheapest parts. I've got to say, what you want to achieve is also the goal of many large multinational companies with billions in resources and they are still trying to keep their machines from falling over, let alone mimic the exact shape and motions of a human. But very interesting to see that you are starting from the human skeletan. Good look, and hope to see more updates soon.

Thanks man.  Hope your robot will rock too.  I think alot of the awkwardness of the robots we see on youtube is just unthorough coding tbh...

Wow, a project for the next 50 years. Good luck!

Yeah I'll never claim its a weekend thing LOL thanks for the well wishes!

Really from bones to skin! To stay on biblic theme i'd have chosen a rib but, an hand it's probably way more significative.

Data is a live flesh actor, or in fiction is an advanced humanoid with unimaginable tech - a data bank of hexabytes, really strong artificial muscles, distributed battery system, really advanced neural networks, near to perfect text-to-speech in many languages, processing power comparable to a small today supercomputer, flawless skin and prostetics.

Right now there are about a dozen of really big companies which run human android research, with top qualified people, with near unlimited funds. And these robots act as a drunk man or an elderly. Or are small with lesser computing abilities or really big but lack fine control.

To cope with it and get an android sooner there is need for an powerful and open source AI to work with, more than a skeleton. With cloud computing the data and learning problem could be partially solved. Bionics for humans can be sure used for robots.

Of course progress will yield tech for such androids. Resistance is futile.

On the Biblical theme, I've got Eve planned for next.  Eve was made with the rib btw.  Also, I wouldn't dare say my robot will come close to Data.  Just is inspired by and going for the same general concept as Data.  All hail the great Data!

As far as big teams and unlimited budgets, meh... Big teams and unlimited budgets have pros and cons but I have my vision which I have planned for a decade in my mind and researched exhaustively and I can see the finish line in my mind so...

I like your enthusiasm and understand that you want something that is unique and human like. That is all well and good as without dreams and our imagination what do we have. Pat on the back for taking on such a project as this will be very interesting to see how it unfolds. I only have one question and that is what do you plan on controlling him with. I once watch a interview with Mark Tilden the creator of RoboSapien and many other projects. In his interview he pointed out something that I have found to be interesting and true. We tend to create these very advanced looking robots that could do just about anything but we dont have the software or the means currently to control them. It sounds like you have invested some time in the thought process to this project in regards to what he will look like and how he will be constructed, have you given the brains/software much thought and if so what are your ideas on this. I am very interested in seeing this project come to life and if you plan on using a PC to control him I will be glad to help with the software and in any other way I may help. Glad to see some fresh ideas and Welcome to LMR.

Thanks jeffr!  I've planned the brains/software alot as well.  I'm going to have a laptop or powerful tablet or two in the chest of the robot running the main logic engines and am going to interface those with arduinos for lower level functionality and from the arduinos to servomotor controllers of course and from those into the servos.  Plus I'm going to have mostly likely over 100 sensors.  I'm thrilled you are willing to help me out!  I can use all the help I can get as this is my first robotics project ever.