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Add Bigger Audio The Very Easy Way

Drive Speakers From uC Using Only Six Components

A Quote on the home page of lets make robots says - 'official information: It is fashionable to make robots that interacts with you, and/or are partly remote controlled. That is how it is.'


Well sound is definitely interaction and lets be honest we remember lots of robots for the sounds they make as much as anything else - R2D2, Metal Mickey, Transformers.


Here is a short post about a super simple 8 pin Audio chip that can be used to build a 1 Watt audio amplifier you can drive directly from your micro controller to add some serious sound to your next project.


Enjoy -http://rcarduino.blogspot.com/2012/08/adding-audio-to-arduino-projects.html

Duane B

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  I have added a short clip of my Arduino synth playing through the same amp circuit and PC speaker.

  The Auduino uses 5 analog inputs to control its sound, so could easily be linked up to IR Sensors etc for interactive robot audio.

Duane B

Clips of other peopls Audionos, some very clever, some musical and one with a view of the waveforms as its played. Only interesting if your into Audio, but who doesn't like thermin project now and then


Duane B