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Adding a Tutorials section

Adding a way to share tutorials / how-tos for LMRians to share their knowledge and teach other members of the community.

Would allow the assembly of a vast robotics knowledgebase for everybody to use.

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Yes, this would greatly benefit the community and hopefully bring out some of the greater experienced builders to help others.

What if we put together a template of how a tutorial should be. Example would be Laying out the Who,What,When,Where,Why and How it concise sections so that when someone want to follow the tutorial it will be easy and the pattern will always be the same. A form of some sort that makes you enter in the details of each section and will not allow you to move on to the next section until the previous section has details.

I really love the concept of a tutorial section and I think JeffRo's idea for a template would make it even better by providing a consistant experience for all users.

You've got my vote! 

What kind / type of tutorual based content would you be interested in? Looking forward to hearing ideas.