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Andrés Briano

I come to you live, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started tinkering with bots in early 2010, and have been doing so (on and off) ever since. Thanks in great part to the Picaxe environment that I love so.

One aspect that has limited all my creations, has been my geographical location. Sure, Robotshop and Sparkfun will ship to Argentina. But the added expense and delay caused by shipping became so significant that are a big deterrent. As a result of this, microcontrollers and their environments are not that common here.

With a little commitment, and some wishful thinking, I decided to have these disadvantages work for me. I am currently in the process of designing and building protoboards and kits around the Picaxe microcontrollers. All manufactured locally to keep the expenses down and hopefully make it available soon enough to the future generations of inventors here and also in Chile and Uruguay.

Stay tuned for updates!