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Annabelle is a human-sized robot that is a collaboration between Martin Triplett of Red-Sky robotics, and Bot Party, a collective of enthusiasts of multiple-disciplines that explore the intersection of robotics and theater. Annabelle consists of a stripped-down Quantum Power Wheelchair equipped with a custom motor control box, a mannequin torso that also consists of a car stereo reciever + speakers, and a Lenovo tablet running Martin Triplett's software. This is the same software that is in Anna and Ava. The control box has the following parts.

  • A - Sabertooth 2x60 motor controller
  • B - 100 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • C - BlueSea Systems DualBus BusBar
  • D - Automotive Relay
  • E - Microcontroller Box consisting of:
    1. Arduino Atmega 2560
    2. USB Host Shield
    3. Screw Shield
    4. XBox 360 Wireless Dongle














The wheelchair's motion is controlled by an XBox 360 controller that connects to the dongle and sends commands to the Arduino.  These commands are then translated to a serial protocol that the Sabertooth understands and sent to the motor controller.

The torso contains a SoundStorm ML41B car stereo unit with auxiliary in and bluetooth.  2 car stereo speakers are hooked up to the unit.  The unit is powered by a separate 12V 7ah battery. 

An auxiliary cable runs to the Lenovo tablet that serves as Annabelle's "brain".  All of the features of Martin's Ava can run on Annabelle including voice synthesize, conversational algorithms, face recognition, etc.  There is a separate tablet that also serves as a remote control to some of her software.


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Would love to see the photo - something seems to be off. Videos would be great too!

I added photos, but they kept disappearing every time I would post.  I think something is wrong with the form.

my edits keep getting flagged which keeps the photos from attaching.

Annabelle was a featured player in Bot Party 2.0 with Fusebox Festival. Here are some highlights from the show, there are several other robots in there you might find interesting.


You guys did a great job of putting all that heavy hardware together in a robust, reliable package that not only looks good but can be driven very close to people and effectively heard with the sound system.  Nice work.

I think if there were prizes, she would definitely win the prize for "best dressed".  The dress maker killed it.  Having seen video of some of your shows, I'd also give her the prize for "best wit".  She cracked me up more than most all-human improv shows I have seen.  People here in the southern U.S. where I live would appreciate her southern drawl and charm.

It might be time for a re-make of the 2007 classic "Lars and the Real Girl".

Thanks for posting and the mention.



Annabelle was a model for the Maker Faire Fashion show.
This is her in her 'beach look'

I was trying to get in touch with you. Can you give it to me again?

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I was trying to get in touch with you. Can you give it to me again?

mine is yhmmc@outlook<dot>com




Hi Mel, I sent you an email.

This is not my bot by the way...I helped Arthur some time ago but they are doing other cool things with it now.