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Arduino 4wd robot with ping sensor "J-Bot"

Navigates around using the Ping sensor

Someone mentioned that Jameco needed a robotic mascot. I have always been a tinkerer, especially with radio-controlled electronics and so I volunteered for the chance to design and create the J-Bot. While this was my first autonomous robot build, I'm confident it won't be my last. We thought this would be a fun project to build.

J-BOT Kit – Jameco P/N 2140285

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Do you think it would be possible if we submitted robot ideas to you, you would be willing to sell it on jameco's website?

You are able to send your write ups to MyStory@Jameco.com Try to use as many parts that we have as you can, if aproved your story can be put in our news letter!

It looks very good. I already made a robot like this but I would be interested in a slightly more advanced kit. Do you know of a multi-sensor robot kit? (arduino based)