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Arduino for Beginners: API's and Checking Local Weather via WIFI [Tutorial]

Checks local temperature from the Yahoo Weather API and Temboo converts to INT.
WeatherEXAMPLE.zip2.61 KB

In this video we will use an Arduino Yun (or leonardo with a wifi shield) to connect with the Yahoo Weather API and return the value of the local temperature (whatever location you want!) as an integer to be used in whatever project you can dream up. We will go through a service called Temboo that makes communicating with many API's very easy.

You will need:

- Arduino Yun or an Arduino Leonardo and a WIFI Shield (BOTH will be considered a "YUN" board in the Arduino IDE).

- A USB cable.

- A 9V Battery

-and a 9V battery pack with barrel plug to power the Arduino Board and an on/off switch.

Links to all parts can be found here:


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Good tutorial