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Arduino Obstacle avoiding robot

Navigate via ultrasound
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This is my first robot attempt using Arduino uno it is almost finished and I have a code but there might be something wrong with the wiring if anyone has any suggestion or tutorial on how to wire it properly be sure to leave a comment. It took me quite some time to create as I am still a teenager and I just know little of programming. I used newping and servo libraries for the programming to be easier and I think I have created a satisfying code. The overall cost comes around 100€ and that is with all the discounts I had due to knowing the seller. Please any suggestions of similar projects problems are welcome. Myself I always loved robotics and I have learnt the basics of code, I hope one day to pursue my dreams and become an engineer (-;

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Best way to troubleshoot is one at a time. It's hard to troubleshoot an entire system without having gone through each sub-system. Try the ultrasonic sensor on its own for example.

What Cbenson said... Break the problem into smaller parts, then the problem becomes easier to solve (by solving each of the smaller problems first) Before long the bigger problem is solved.

Best of luck in your hunt :)


Thank you for your advice!!! after some tries I found that the actual problem was in the wiring between the Arduino shield and the breadboard (some pins didn't match with the code) and In 2 to 4 days I think it will be ready, and I will be onto another project (: