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Arduino Powered Portal Turret

The Arduino powered portal turret is an arduino project in which its eye lights up in sync to a tune that a speaker plays.It is fairly easy to build, and requires at least 1 hour of building time.

A day ago I made a tutorial of how to hack the thinkgeek portal turred flash light, by turning it into something more interesting. The portal turret us able to play a short tune and light up in sync with the tune. That's just one of the possiblilites, you can do even more with it once you've made the project. The project may be a little high cost, but it's worth it. The materials and building instructions are all in this video I made. Enjoy!


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oh...Aaron's gonna be glad to see this! he's a portal fan!

Cool! Notify him as soon as possible! I am sure he will enjoy it!