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Arduinobased Quadroped

Walking, Navigating, Turning


So i just finished my first robot and i wanted thanx for a great site with lots of info and inspiration!

As this is my robot and i haven´t really been working that much with servos and programming before im sure there will be some things i could hade done better or in a better/simpler way so feel free to comment on things i´ve done wrong so i know for next build. I've taken a few pictures during the process of building and thought i would share them here!


So these are the materials i used. Its some kind of compressed/glued wood. I don´t really know what its called but its lightweight, strong and flexible. There´s also my servos and arduino + mini breadboard. 


Here i have mounted the servos. I did kind of a rookie misstake and didn´t screw the servohorns in place the first time, and the legs kept falling off. Then i noticed the screws and felt like an idiot..

Now the Arduino, breadboard and wires all hooked up and working.

So here´s the finished robot. I mounted the two batteries on the bottom and got the sensor working with the 9:th servo. After some frustrating programming i got it all to work together so im really happy with this quadroped and i´m absolutely going to build more robots and upload them here.

Hope you liked this!


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great job!

You did a great job with your first build.  From looking at the pictures, I didn't expect it to walk as well as it does but then again I am just starting to build robots too.  It walks great and love how it looks around to assess obstacles!

thanx a lot for the comment, Yes i am really pleased with the walk. It took me a few hours to get a good gait. I have actually trimmed the turning sequence down,since i shoot the video, so its a little faster and smoother now! 

I really like your project and now i m gonna try and make it .Can you please send me the code i am not very good in programming

Thank You

I am working with a similar build (take a look here).
You got a nice gait there. I would really like to see your code to compare.

Btw the material you are using is called plywood.