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arduinos on ebay $5


guys buy arduinos on ebay because they are only 5 bucks each compared to 35 bucks at radioshack or the arduino website they take from 1-3 months shipping from china but you can definitely find ones from usa for same price and might take about a week shipping or less!

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I know , from experience, that you can have a lot of trouble with those inexpensif versions.

If i can give a good advice, stick with the original (more expensif) ones.



I am all about supporting Arduino and buying the offical version because they have done a ton of great things, but I have used some of those $5 boards and I have never had a problem *knock on wood.*

techset on youtube

its a waste of money personal i don' have a job to be buying them like that buy them ful price if your a millionare but better to get more for same price 6 instead of 1

techset on youtube!

clones work fine!

No offense mate, no offense.

Case 1 : searching for 2 days why that stupid OS always looses that comport, at some point the comport enabled, disabled every 10 seconds.I tried about 5 different chip drivers, tried on 3 different windows versions.Switched for a genuine mega and problem dissapeared.

In this case i suspect the board was using to much current, dont know why do, removed everything connected to the board, the motherboard USB port protection fuse switching off all the time

Case 2 : Why that stupid Wixel suddenly wouldent program my arduino anymore, tried 4 different Wixels tried 2 different shields, without shields, switched to a genuine arduino and problem dissapeared.

In this case i  suspect a problem with the reset timing,dont know do, programming non wireless always worked.

It is true that you have to be a billionaire to be able to buy 6 $35 arduino's do.

Suspect those problems arise due to a lack of quality control at fabrication .

PS Does anyone know where Oddbot is posting now ? , was following with interest his big 6 wheel rover topic , if there was any update in this subject.






They just aren't arduino clones, but derivatives which are made to lower cost and have some better things in design. I personally prefer the colorful ones with microUSB connectors. To avoid any problem with compatibility just pick ones which have ATmega16u as usb to serial converter, CH340 and FTDI clone chips have a dodgy support on Windows, but they run just fine with Linux.

The lowest prices are in Aliexpress, but be careful about import duties and you are shopping directly from China, customer laws don't apply.