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I have started quiet early as a child (actually building robots in Fifth grade). I got into ''FischerTechnik'' when I was in primary school (probably at the Age of 7). A neighbour just gave me a bunch of parts, he was a teacher and didn't need them anymore, because a lot of schools where canceling their lessons with "FischerTechnik" at that time (they shouldn't have, it is a great tool!) I was able to get quiet a lot of parts. 'FischerTechnik' is similar to LEGO but was actually invented for real engineers to prototype their ideas, but in the end they got into the 'kids-' but mainly the 'education- market sector'. (You probably haven't heared about it, since it's german, it was invented by Artur Fischer, yes I know we have the same first name, although my is spelt the englisch/french way.) 

Anyway when I actually got a Robotics Kit from ''FischerTechnik'' for my birthday I really did got into robotics. (I actually told my parents to buy the Kit). With the Kit you are able to build robots that are mechanically pretty advanced. They were controlled over an 'interface' which was a very capable 'Array of Microcrontrollers', it is really incredible. I was able to programme it over a FlowChart Base Programer, that was specially desinged for ''FischerTechnik''. I still have the interface and I will keep it since you can programme it in C as well.

With the help of ''FischerTechnik'' and all the Kits that I had acquired over time I was pretty much able to build all kinds of robots I could think of. With one exception, I would have always had to use the 'interface' which I was worried could get damaged if I would build a weather station with it and left it outside or even build an automatic mouse trap (yes that is not some weird german joke I meant that literally).

And I always felt a little bit like cheating when I was using these prefabricated componants. (Which it really wasn't and yes, I was like 14 years old ;) ). Although ''FischerTechnik'' was way more sturdy than LEGO, the electronic connectors became loose every now and than. Which really annoyed me, since it made clear to me that this was not as permanent as I liked it to be. (It was still more permanet than Lego.)

I was looking for a cheaper and 'harder' way to build small robots. I know it sounds weired but I wanted to have the feeling that I made somethnig new.

So my teacher got me into PICAXE, I really enjoyed that and I made a bunch of circuits. (I was already able to solder, because I told it myself as a child, I know whitch child should work with a solder iron, but my first iron was so weak that it barely melted the solder (15W max). I bought it myself. Although my mother wanted to buy me a proper soldering iron, whitch would have saved me a lot of frustration trying to solder with a 'cold' iron, when I bought a better one I was amazed at how good I was at soldering. :) When I would have let my mother buy me a proper soldering iron, I wouldn't have wasted my time and money on 4 different irons, although the last two are pretty good).

After all that I got into Arduino about 3 or 4 years ago. But since I was pretty spoiled with the mechanical capabilities of my previous robots with ''FischerTechnik''. My robotic project had to be quiet big. Although what got me started in the beginning was the intension to build a lot of  smaller cheaper robots. But the project had quickly developed a robot the size of an ASURO to what the project is now. But that is what happens if you keep adding features. (Not always a good idea).


Normal 0 21 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE One reason why I took so long, to finaly build the Robot, is that I did a tremendous amount of R&D (reacher and design).
I was following the stuff going on here for like 6 months every two days (long lunch brakes, while I stayed in Wales for year. :) )

So insted of diffrent small Bots you are going to find my one big robotic project and related projects like 'The Remote Control Case Unit'.
But I will allso later on post some smaller 4WD robots.

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