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Astromech droid R3-B9

Navigate around via bluetooth (later: via ultrasound, light, sound), display LED patterns, play sounds, rotate head and open arms

Seven months ago, I decided to get into Arduino programming and to build a robot. On YouTube, I found many videos of obstacle avoiding robots built from a 2-wheel-drive chassis and an ultrasonic distance sensor which I liked a lot. However, I wanted my robot to look like a "real" (movie) robot. So I chose the basic design of R2-D2 as a starting point. It was clear to me that I did not have the skills, time, and money to build a real R2-D2. On the other hand, I didn't just want to copy an existing design, but be able to use some creativity. So I went ahead building a related droid whom I named R3-B9 (only later I learned that the R3 series has a well-specified design which I am violating here - sorry for that!). My R3-B9 is built from cardboard and wood using the motors and wheels from the widely used cheap 2-wheel-drive chassis, and controlled from an Android tablet via a custommade app made with the MIT app inventor. Here are a few essential steps from the beginning to the current status:

The front side of the body

The main body structure

Body and three legs

Adding details to the bodyMounting the legs after painting

Mounting the lazy susan bearing for the head

Body, head, and legs finalized

More details from the making are documented on my blog at https://mynewrobot.wordpress.com. R3-B9's first steps (on Christmas 2016) are shown in the YouTube video above.



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You did a fantastic job. I had no idea it was mostly cardboard until I scrolled down below the initial pics. Very imaginative as well to come up with your own astromech design instead of the same-ol' R2 unit. Great use of lightweight materials so those little motors can move it around with no problems!

I love your carboard and wood constuction techniques!  Nice results and attention to detail.

Dear: Markus

I love the chassis so much. I wish I had the skills you did for using cardboard and stuff. Where did you learn to do that? I'd just love to know. Thank you!!!

From: Noah 

Ever since my student days, I've had a thing for cardboard robots. Nicely done!

Great build man!

I've always wanted to have an R2-like bot around this size with a Pi inside and a little projector.

I may have to borrow inspiration from yours! :)