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Atomic Ant - Walker challenge

The challenge is very simple, and can be build with what ever technology you have at hand

Objective: build a walker robot that can pull an object at least 4 times heavier than its own weight in the shortest time.


1. The bot should have at least 2 legs (crawler) to a maximum of 6 legs

2. The object pulled should be at least 4 times heavier than the robot

3. The object should be pulled through a 10cm long cable or rope

4. The object should be pulled for a distance of 50cm

5. The object and robot should be placed in a flat, smooth surface

6. The time starts running when the robot is turned ON

7. The robots are evaluated by the formula Score= ((Object's weight in grams / Robot's weight in grams) / Time) x # of legs

The best robot will receive a Diploma of Awesomenticity

As you can see many strategies are possible to achieve maximum points

Regards EZ

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Well it didnt say anything about rolling . . .


Object = 2.0 kg (2L of water = 2kg)

Robot = 0.5 kg (just under)

Time = 30 seconds at the most

Legs = 6

Score = ((2.0 / 0.5) / 30) * 6 = 0.8


By the way your formula gives a better score to robots with more legs, is that what you intended? 

Great Chench!!! :D I mean if you can build a robot for sure you can find the loopholes on the rules :D, lest see how this develops

I'm building a walker. Not sure how well it'll do in this scenario but I'll try it when its completed.

Cool keep us posted, looking forward for your entry


Well I posted a comment then answered my own question..  haha but you cant delete comments only edit them.  So ignore this