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AUROB - Isaac

calculate routing, find the way and recognition, obstacle avoidance - primarily drive from point A to B ;)

Here is the brief introduction of my AUROB Isaac:

Base is an old electric wheelchair. The whole robot is controlled via a i7-7200M notebook. The latest version I have written in C#.

The last additions / changes to the software were: a few tweaks to the AUROB control software from previous: refactoring of the completed areas, bulk start and stop services, saving the program parameters and settings finally installed, bulk start / stop services, distance (Ultrasonic sensors) to speed navigation settings (target deviations of GPS and CMBS)

Currently my AURBO Isaac may things like this: - way routing based on OpenStreetMap, various obstacles avoidance (primarily based by the laser scanner and the ultrasonic sensors).

The image processing for road detection is still quite prone to error, but since I'm just at work (but is more of a winter work).

Goal is to participate next year at the Robotour. The basic rules are this: Each bot gets a start spot (about 1m2). Three minutes before the start, you get the target coordinates. After the start signal, the bot's should drive to the goal. If you are driving not on the way, you loose. Winner is the Robot whitch drive the longest way in direction to the goal.

Currently I have made ​​some changes to the structure (Pictures to follow). Next, I must return to the control software to finally get a good look the optical path detection - then you go back into open terrain for testing;)

LG, Arno

P.S.: Sorry for my English - I´m complete out of practice

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Good luck with the challenge!  Sounds like you are well on your way.





If I have news I will post it ...

Greetings from Austria ;)