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Autonomous Robot to Fertilize Corn

Fertilize Corn

Some of my friends wanted to build an autonomous robot to fertilize corn and they asked my help in programming it. Would like to share the result.

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It's been my dream to build a useful robot someday.

Perfect justification for a robot - you might even have some commercial potential for the application.

Glad to know. Will pursue it.


would you tell more about autonomous land navigation (sensors, software, etc.)?

Thank you


At the moment this setup uses an Arduino Uno, Dagu 4 Channel motor controller board and Rover 5 with 4 motors plus encoders. All code was written using the Arduino C/C++ programming language. This setup uses a fixed programed path sequence to control the robot and therefore does not make use of mapping, landmarks, beacon system etc. There was no need for the use of sensors either because all actions performed by the robot were a part of a timed sequence of actions.

awesome robot man !

thank you for the idea