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Batee's NewRobo3 platform

It's gonna navigate around, later on transmit data and stuff, manipulate objects
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Update 05.02.2014

Hi guys,

I'm slowly making progress on my robot. Today I managed to build a prototype of my motor controller. As I mentioned before, it is a modification of jip's H-Bridge. Here is its schematic http://postimg.org/image/vh1w6oh0d/    it's still in development, but its functional ;) .

As I mentioned, I have built its prototype on a breadboard today, it's quite impressive.


It's quite power hungry, on idle it consumes 14 mA, but the good thing is that it should have eaten 18 mA-s according to the simulation :D. So I'm quite satisfied with it. The voltage drop on the H-Bridge is only 0,5 - 0,7 V, which is also good, but I'm sure it is possible to go lower.

This board is going to feature an H-Bridge, 10 servo connectors, current sensing, battery voltage sensing

I'm looking forward to my next post :)


Hi guys, this is my first LetsMakeRobots entry. after a year of experimenting with robotics, I came up with my newest project. I've been working on it for 3 weeks now and more are coming ;). I decided to make a 3 wheeler robotic platform with Ackermann steering.

First I've been designing it in CAD for 2 weeks and this weekend I built it. materials I used were 2mm ABS plastic sheets, Merkur - children's toy, set of gears from ebay, I've spent a ton of time designing and integrating the ackermann steering and gearbox into this compact, robust platform. I decided to recycle an old ball mouse to make an encoder to measure speed. Later on, it's gonna feature a 2DOF sensor head with a combination of sharp IR, SRF05 distance sensors. on the back of the platform I'm gonna try to design a robotic arm.

First I will try to control it with an arduino UNO through bluetooth serial connection and then when I'm gonna be more familiar with my PCduino it's gonna feature more and more demanding systems ;). like webcam image streaming through internet and other stuff. As a motor controller an Arduino NANO will be used with a custom made motor controller board. It's gonna feature a modification of jip's H-Bridge https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/24086 , a servo shield and other circuiry A want that robot to do so much that I can't even list everithing here:D

It's still in developement. I do enjoy very much doing that stuff. I'm so excited, that I had to share my feelings here with you guys :D (my girlfriend does not enjoy my hobby too much ;) )

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Very cool.  Not many people create their own gear box for their electric motor.  Very compact, simple design.  I think I have a plastic bag filled with gears I have scraped from kids toys that were going to the dump.  I never have been able to use them to do something useful.  Good job!

Welcome to LMR.  Keep us apprised of your progress and let us know if you need some help.





sure I'll keep the entry updated with my progress ;)