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Battery help



What is the difference of a 9v battery and a battery holder that can hold 6 aa batterys 3 on each side? (it comes out to have 9v) Which one is better for the arduino or any other microcontrollers?? 


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The arduino board has a built-in voltage regulator that will let it take 9v, if you use the adapter port on it. (the hole made for an adapter) But 9v still sucks because it has hardly current. Calculon has never seen a 6aa holder but the arduino should be able to take it.

Are you using motors, because if so, you should probably not pull that current through your board at 9v. And most motors are either 6 or 12v anyway. Good rule of thumb: just get a 4 AA pack or just use the USB.

9V batteries offer maybe 1000mAh, where 6 AA can offer 2 times the current of a 9v battery. You will only notice a difference in run time of whatever circuit you have connected to either set of batteries.