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BeetleBot 2.0

Obstacle avoidance, runs forward otherwise
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09/09/17 - 09/10/17 - Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce you to my first true foray into robotics: BeetleBot 2.0.

If you're wondering why it's named BeetleBot 2.0 and not 1.0, it's because I ended up scrapping the original "motor holders" and both of the robot's motors (one of them got scratched).

The good thing about the above, though, is that you can see how I restarted in the pictures provided. Nevertheless, I will do my best to document this 'bot from now on!


Materials list:

1 x2 AA battery holder

2 motors

A little cardboard/plastic/mostly rigid material (to support the motors)

Wire (anybody who's building robots should have more than enough of this!)

Metal wire/paper clips (for the "antennae")

Heat shrink tubing (to hide some of the solder joints and to give the motors enough traction for movement)


The steps I've taken so far (as of restarting the project):

1. Cut a small amount of heat shrink tubing, enough to cover the motors' shafts. Use a heat gun to shrink the tubing onto the shafts.

2. Cut a small strip of rigid material, bending it into thirds

3. Hot glue the battery holder onto the middle of the strip (Picture #2).

4. Hot glue the motors onto the material on either side of the battery holder. I recommend gluing the motors on top, since that will keep the wires out of the way when inserting the batteries.

5. Now the soldering begins! This is the step I'm currently on (Picture #3).

To be continued...


I will try to finish soldering tomorrow, but for now, it's night, and I should try to get some sleep...

Hope to see you all again soon!


09/10/17 - Bad news, folks. I have completely messed up the battery holder trying to solder a wire to it (as per the instructions I am using for this robot). See pics #4 and #5 for the "gory" details.

But that's all part of the fun of building robots- if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!


09/14/17 - Hi, everyone- just wanted to keep you updated on the fact that this robot is still in progress, and that I am waiting for my new battery holders to arrive. The build will likely continue at that time.


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good to see that you're working on a robpt again! Keep going!

Nice project, very simple but still fun ! I bulit a similar robot once : Robobike 

I used an Atmega though...

I'm looking foward seeing it driving !

Thank you both for your encouragement! And Opidopi, that is a really cool robot! Fast and fun, and I love that you put a microcontroller on a pencil for your robot. I plan to eventually build a Solarroller BEAMbot that has light-seeking capabilities as well.