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Beginner + Linux + AC89C4051

I am a total beginner at both programming and robotics (I have been using Linux as my sole OS for the past 4-5 years, so I've been plenty exposed to programming and programming languages).

A few days ago i got 4 * AT89C4051 chips from a friend as i told him I was thinking about jumping in to the robotics world. But i need a programmer circuit for them, Atmel have a list of official distributors of programmer but they are rather expensive and only seem to work with Windows.

As i see it, i need a programmer - preferebly with USB and some software to interact with the programmer (it is vital that the software can run on Linux). I can build it my self if someone have the schematics laying around.



Really hope someone can help, thanks in advance.

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I use a homemade serial port programmer and ponyprog on windows to write the .hex files, although it does have a linux version. The programmer cost about $1 and works a treat, and the software is simple to use.

You`ll need AVRstudio or something else to compile the hex files of course.




I've already taken a look at PonyProg, and a lot of other places...

And my main problem seems to be that i AT89C4051 does not support In-circuit programming. I don't think that it would work with the AVR-programmer from eletronics-diy, the first pointer is that this housing on my chips only have 20 pins...