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[Beta Testing] LeMaker Guitar

A new SBC that aims to become a cheaper but more powerful alternative to the Raspberry Pi

Some weeks ago, I received an invitation to become a beta tester for a new single board computer. A few days later, I received a box containing the Guitar, a new product developed by the chinese company LeMaker (which is also the team behind the Banana PRO, another alternative to the Raspberry Pi)

However, this board stands out from similar projects because it isn't a clone or a fork of the Raspberry Pi, but a completely new board, built from scratch that aims to stand out in its own merits. Right now, the Guitar is on development, but it's expected to be released to the public in late October with a price tag of $25 USD.


Hardware specs:

  • Actions S500 SoC
  • A9R4 ARM Cortex (Quad-core, up to 1.3 Ghz)
  • Imagination PowerVR SGX544
  • ATC2603C (Audio and power management IC)


  • Compatible with Ubuntu-based distros and Android
  • Compatible with KODI media center


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Thanks for your nice review!

Is this board compatible with the Raspberry Pi cam? Are there drivers and is it possible to stream the video to another computer using gstreamer for example?


One of the drawbacks of being a completely new project and not a clone it's that there's no compatibility with Raspberry Pi modules, such as cameras and screens.

However, it's possible to stream the video using FFmpeg. Here you can see a demo of it in action: https://www.facebook.com/555422557895933/videos/vb.555422557895933/720764291361758/?type=2&theater

Thanks :)

Is cool seeing all of the different single board computers coming out.  Do you think that they will work out the issues before releasing?

Yes. They have been making very fast progress on this board. So far, they have released a more optimized OS, based on Ubuntu Mate (which solves the partition bug and makes lag disappear almost completely) and there are 2 libraries that are going to become public soon: One for local control of the GPIO pins and other for web-based control. (Think like WiringPi for the Raspberry)

The estimated release date is in late October, and at this pace, I'm sure that they will be able to solve all the issues.

Thanks for the review - i really want one!

techset on youtube!


onboard wifi?

Yes, it features onboard wifi... and it just works! Which is something that I liked from this board over the Raspberry Pi