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Big Trak, my first robot

Drives around avoiding obstacles with utrasonic

I used to have one of these when I was a kid,so when I saw one online cheap I thought I would get it. When it arrived i found that it was one of the new type ones. So i decided to rip it apart :)

So far I have ripped out all the insides and fitted a platform inside to fit everything to.   The only things in there I am keeping are the motors and gears and the speaker.  LED is going to be changed for a laser.

It will be run off an Arduino Uno paired with a l293d motor drive shield.   For now!!  As it has ony two motors I might change the motor shield for a 2 motor one later.


This is as far as I have got but planned for it are a camera on a tilt and turn, that I might put where the ultraonic is now, plus one more camera, more ultrasonic sensors, gyroscope, gps and solar panels for charging and anything else I can think of.  If I can get one cheap enough I am thinking of a robot arm fixed to where the ultrasonic is.

Only need to get it running now!!!


I  have fitted a tilt and turn mounting on the top. the ultrasonic will fit on there. 


uploaded some code and it now drives around using the ultrasonic.  when it detects an object at a preset distance the servo pans left and right, it then travels in whatever direction is clear.

need to fine tune it now and make it more sensitive.



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It looks pretty cool...nice work.  You are so much neater and organized than I am.  Nice work.




thank you for the comments about my first robot.  quite enjoying messing aound with it.  actually got it running tonight. lots more to do though yet