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Biped Robot (RADAR)

The was the original post for MAX V2.

I kept having issues with the center of gravity and occasionally falling over. I tried just about everything to fix this issue with no luck. The only thing left was to create larger feet and decided to switch over to a whole new project that would not have this issue.

I occasionally visit our local pawn shop and the other day I was in there and saw a bin with several old radar detectors in it. I found three that I liked, two of them are the Uniden Laser 3-Band,Lrd -1900. I really liked the contour of the case and figured with some careful planning I could make them work.

After some cutting, grinding and sanding I was able to fit an Arduino Nana, Sensor board, 2-3.7v 1200Mah batteries, Ping sensor and a switch into the case.

I used the same code thatI was using with Max v2 and right away it took off walking with no issues.

This is a begining stage picture where I was testing the servo configuration.

No sensors are being used.




UPDATE: 1/21/18

I have been doing alot of experimenting with different walking gaits to come up with one that works well and is smooth. After watching many videos of biped walking the one thing I have found is that they all try to walk to fast and in return a vibration sets up and before you know it the bot is wobbling. While most bots use accerometers or other sensors to detect and correct the bot from wobbling, I do not have anymore room in Radar to add another sensor of any kind. I used some creative programming and some well timed delays to achieve the same. A New Video of the walking gait has been uploaded.


UPDATE: 2/3/2018

After doing some evaluating of radar's walking gait and disecting the delay's I have in place. I found that some of the delay's I had in place could be reduced quite a bit. The end result is that the walking cycle is still just as smooth but the walking speed in almost double.

I will post a new video soon.

Until Then!


UPDATE: 4/8/2018

After the good results I received from using the Temperature sensor and Sharp IR sensor on Microbot (OG) I decided to upgrade Radar.

I added the Sharp IR Distance sensor and the IR Temperature sensor and once again some great results.

The bot is able to navigate so much better and detect when a person walks infront of him.

When a person walks infront of the bot it immediatly walks backwards to avoid contact.

The temperature sensor also alows for human interaction so you can use your hand and interact with the bot by moving him forward and backwards and stopping him.

New video will be posted soon.


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I like that it can change gaits for walking on tile and carpet! Are there any more features you’re planning to add along with those mentioned in your post? I look forward to seeing more Max V2!

I might not of phrased the gait piece correctly so I will try better at explaining it.

If you notice any area that is tile and then changes to carpet there is a slight increase in elevation, maybe a inch if that.

What the bot does is to measure the distance from his hip to the ground slightly infron of his feet.

When the bot reaches an area where the elevation changes a different gait is applied to allow it to walk up onto the carpet much like if you were walking up stairs.

While the bot is walking on any surface as it get closer to an object it goes from a standard walking gait to a strolling type walk unti its limit or distance to the onbject is reach. Once this limit is reached it then goes into a mode of looking to see if the left or right has the most distance and then chooses the one with the most distance that is less than its limit.

So really it has 3 gaits that it can  use based on the conditions.

Thank you so much for the comment.

Hope you have a Happy New Year..

I see. So it’s literally “taking a step up” onto the carpet. A very clever solution! Thank you for sharing, and I hope you have a Happy New Year too.

Yes there is  a striking resemblance  and I did not do it intentionally. Quite interesting....

looking forward to seeing the next video :)

Nice look with the curved radar...War of the Worlds ish...the newer version.

Walking is tough to figure out...kids take a while to do it.  I hope you keep at it.  Fun video!

What you are seeing in the walking gait is the following.

It starts off walking in a normal gait and then you see it go to a strolling gait at this point it stops and looks both ways to find the area with the most distance. The next thing it does is to use a different gait to turn. It then go to a normal gait for a few short steps before detecting another object and slowing down to look both ways and then turns again. I think the distance to object needs to be adjusted as it is detecting objects to quickly. Currently I have it setup so that any distance greater than 60CM it will walk in a normal fashion. When the distance gets between 60 to 40 it goes to the strolling gait and when the distance gets to 30 it then stops and looks and then turns.

A very nice looking robot, looks like you have been busy building bots!

Thank you and yes building and testing and working on new designs.

Good to see you are still here.

Hope to see more from you.