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Title random biological human robot/ electronical ideas

Just some ideas sketched on paper

Combining an arduino/ raspberry pi/ banana pi

Or look alike via usb with a smartphone was an idea

Since android software is maybe compatible wit linux.

Then you can use the interface of the smartphone ro acces the arduino hardware and use smartphone hardware at the same time for a robot.

(Could not upload pictures C my facebook page photos)



RJ 25 patch cables

Where in UK can I buy RJ 25 patch cables

Self Balancing Robot Tends to Drift Around

I recently built a self balancing robot and it balances quite well as long as the surface is a high friction surface like a carpet or bed. But put the robot on a smooth floor and it will balance momentarily then drift away. Tried lots of sollutions like cascading PID routines, increasing main loop HZ, programming fixes but nothing worked. Then found this blog: https://polyengineer.wordpress.com/2014/08/08/self-balancing-robot-pid-control/

Recommendation Engine

I have been laid up this winter and have been working from home the past several months.  Idle hands ARE the devil's work so I decided to take on a machine learning challenge at CodeProject.com and build a recommendation engine like Amazon, Facebook etc.  These are interesting pieces of software that in commercial sites can work in conjunction with search engines to lead customers to content, products or items they might never would have looked at otherwise.  In fact, this is something that might be useful on LMR - maybe have a recommendations window for when a user logs in?&

Steve Grand’s "Creatures" Neurons simulated on Arduino Uno

Hey everyone, it’s me again.

So today I’ve been working on a project: recreating Steve Grand’s artificial neural networks from the old “Creatures” games on Arduino. Why, you ask?

An Affordable Phone Controlled Rover

A while back Jason made a phone controlled rover using the MotorAir. He wanted to revisit the basic idea but using cheaper, more widely available parts. Also since this is Arduino based, it is a great springboard for more than just a rover that drives around. You could add sensors, servos, etc. to really drive this project in any direction you want.


Progress in the project...

Progress in the project:

I have already mounted the two servos in a head propotype together with the camera and a couple of touch sensors:

Also mounted the prototype on a scale of the body with some sensors:

Rossum, Rockets, and R2s

Finally!  A place to hang out and share robot stuff.  I just discovered this place yesterday.  I'm new here, but not new to building robots.  But it has been mostly in isolation.  It gets lonely showing your latest creation to your wife who couldn't care less.  I find that building stuff is a lot more fun when you can share it with others who appreciate what you have done and are like-minded.  In the few chances I've had to talk with other robot builders I have also found their stories of how they got there to be interesting.  So, if you will indulge

dc motor torque



Start torque and cruising torque must be taken into account for the choice of the dc-motor.

We have a force for the setting in motion then a force allowing to maintain the "regime" of cruising, which is weaker. 

Weight and friction occur: at start with the "initial friction" and at the cruising speed with the "residual friction".

We have to consider the slope to climb.

We reduce the problem to the calculation of a slope. 



Problems wih LMR site

Over the last several months I have noticed the LMR site is extemely slow when inputting text. Often times I will be 2-3 words ahead of what appears on the screen and when I look back over what I have typed, letters and somtimes complete words are missing. On occasion the screen stops updating completely and I have to backspace several times and try it again. This not only makes it very frustrating to post anything, but when I do manage to get it to work, it still ends up with missing letters.


Call for Beta Testers

As you may already be aware, aside from product distribution, RobotShop also designs and manufactures products under various brands. We greatly value input / feedback from the community and have started a Beta testing program.


I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas,

What is a ROBOT?

I have seen this question asked and have not yet found a real answer or one that actually describe or defines what a robot is.

Here I am asking the infamous question "What is a Robot"

Can't wait to see what your thoughts are.

Engine Selection

I am currently in the engine selection phase. Taking into account that the robot will weigh about 15 Kg.

UP! Mini 2 - Changing Z-axis

Tiertime's UP! 3D printers offer great value and high quality. That is, unless something / someone accidentally breaks part of it. Wish I had taken more (and better) photos, but hopefully some of this will be useful.

Close-up camera

Dear all,

Designing a robot, a closeup cam is needed with a correct focus. The closest object is at 10 centimeters from the cam 

What is cheapest cam with this feature ? Depth of View  >10 - 20 cm. Ideally a wide angle cam >100°.



New Cascading X-Rail Slide Kit

The new Cascading X-Rail Slide Kit provides all the mechanical pieces necessary to build a winch-driven extendable arm.  Fasten a motor or HS-785HB servo to the first stage of the slide kit and spool up the provided synthetic cable to get up to 34.5" of arm extension!  This kit uses bearings throughout - each stage is supported by 4 Mini V-Wheels that lock into the chamfered guides of the X-Rail.  The synthetic cable is routed over ultra smooth v-bearings so the torque provided by the servo or

5 Times Intel Drones Wowed Us

Drones and UAVs are used more and more in the professional and recreational sector. Every day they're getting more and more powerful, precise, smart,... These innovations can be harnessed for the aforementioned applications, but also in the entertainment sector. Intel is a leader in this and has been amazing us for quite some time. Here's 5 times where their swarms particularly outdid themselves.

My first milled part with my milling machine.

I milled this with my new milling machine. It is the mount for the inductive proximity sensor and it is the mount for the scraper for the machine. Wish me good luck!!!

Amalthea, IIT Gandhinagar

Amalthea ’17


New Milling Machine I Got for Exchange for my Other One.


I just traded my CNC circuit making machine for a $1000 milling machine. I am pretty sure this machine can work with steel and aluminum no problem lol. I am so excited!!!

G-sensor Controlled Arduino Robot

hello guys...

this is our project...

Smartphone Controlled Arduino Robot Car via Bluetooth With G-sensor app..that the robot will move depending on the slope of your smartphone.

Joystick can be controlled by moving the slider with your finger.

Digital Microcontrollers in Parallel

Hey everyone, it's me again.

I originally posted this because I thought that I had an idea that was mostly unheard of. But it wasn't.

Micro Servo Robotic Arm Arduino Based Using 10k Pot

hello guys....

we have another project micro servo robotic arm..

basically this arm is arduino based on micro servo motor using 10k potentiometer..

this arm used industrially but in this project we are are try to create this robotic arm.