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My first milled part with my milling machine.

I milled this with my new milling machine. It is the mount for the inductive proximity sensor and it is the mount for the scraper for the machine. Wish me good luck!!!

Amalthea, IIT Gandhinagar

Amalthea ’17


New Milling Machine I Got for Exchange for my Other One.


I just traded my CNC circuit making machine for a $1000 milling machine. I am pretty sure this machine can work with steel and aluminum no problem lol. I am so excited!!!

G-sensor Controlled Arduino Robot

hello guys...

this is our project...

Smartphone Controlled Arduino Robot Car via Bluetooth With G-sensor app..that the robot will move depending on the slope of your smartphone.

Joystick can be controlled by moving the slider with your finger.

Digital Microcontrollers in Parallel

Hey everyone, it's me again.

I originally posted this because I thought that I had an idea that was mostly unheard of. But it wasn't.

Micro Servo Robotic Arm Arduino Based Using 10k Pot

hello guys....

we have another project micro servo robotic arm..

basically this arm is arduino based on micro servo motor using 10k potentiometer..

this arm used industrially but in this project we are are try to create this robotic arm.

Self Balancing Robot Using Mpu6050 Accelerometer


hello guys..this is our project..

this is self balancing robot on two wheels using mpu6050 accelerometer..

Arduino Smartphone App Control Car Using L298

hello guys..

this is our project thats called arduino based smartphone app

control car using l298 motor driver via bluetooth.

sooo lets start....

Object Avoiding Arduino Robot


hello guys...

this is our project..thats called object avoiding robot..

this one basically arduino based ic controlled by ultrasonic distance sensor..

arduino Dancing Autobot

hello guys this is our  project..and new thats called autobot with dancing like michael jackson....

its amazing...

we have made this cutting cardboard..but you can make this with using 3d printer..

now lets goooooooo.....

IMO Video Controlled arduino Robot


hello guys..

this our poject IMO video controlled robot based on arduino using bluetooth hc-05..

for this robot we have used two smartphone ...

also this robot is controlled by a smartphone app..AND

line follower arduino robot with object avoid


hello guys...

this is our project...its called line follwer robot with object avoid using ultrasonic distance sensor...

light following arduino robot


hello guys...this is our project

thats called light following arduino robot...

this project is based on arduino and light resistor.

edge avoiding arduino robot

hello guys...this is our 3rd project..

this project is how to build edge avoiding robot using arduino and ir sensor..

New 3D printer underway to replace my prusa i3

Dear: LMR

My Prusa i3 is getting to a point where it is old and starting to fall apart. With it's final breaths I am working on using it and it's parts to make a new 3D printer. This 3D printer will have greater print speeds, reliabilty, and more. I am using my prusa to print parts for it and to also give it's own parts for a cause. Wish me good luck!!!

From: Noah



Tech Tip - How Encoders Work

There are different kinds of encoders out there - optical, magnetic, realative, but in this video we'll be talking about realitive quadrature encoders that use a magnetic sensor. 

BEAM Robotics: A Lost Art

Hello again, everyone! Long time no see! So I've recently realized that I have a growing love for BEAM robotics and a great sadness that technology has marched on without it. I was just wondering about the following: 1. Did BEAM robotics fall out of fashion because (for many) it's much easier to program a microcontroller/computer than to build and debug analog circuits? I feel the same, but with neuromorphic chips on the rise, BEAM robotics and neuromorphic chips are still things I'd like to experiment with in the future. 2.

Professor Einstein Is a Fun, Wacky Robot That Loves to Talk About Science

When I tell my daughters, ages 6 and 9, that I have a new robot to show them, they perk up. I then take Professor Einstein out of the box.

“Ahhhh!” they both cry, wide-eyed.

My wife walks into the room: “Ahhh!”

Yep, Professor Einstein doesn’t look like your typical robot.

Creating a 3D printed Glider


In this tutorial we will show you how to create a 3D printed glider. This is a great first project for those interested in 3D printing. You can use the glider for any number of purposes. You can get the files you need to print here.

Here are the main tech specs:

Why Do We Need Robots?

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM7m11hkEWA

While the democratization of robots is making them more and more present in our daily lives, most people still have mixed feelings about the future. 

Roby d'Bear

We have been working on our project for quite some time and now it's finally live. It's completely new robotic toy controlled via app on your phone or tablet.

Building a AJM (Automated Juggler Machine)

Ever since i learnt juggling i wanted to build a machine that could juggle.

Shannon was an inspiration, I wish i was as smart as him. Incidentally i discovered him when I was planning to build a maze

solver robot and looking over the youtube looking for videos of robots done before.

How to share your ideas for LMR

In case you missed it, we added a pretty sweet crowdsourcing module on the homepage of Let's Make Robots. As we said, its purpose is to get your feedback and put in motion the changes you want to see.

It's very easy to share your ideas and vote for them. You can do it in a couple of seconds. 

How to post an idea

Make your voice heard with our new Ideas module!

It’s our great pleasure to introduce our brand new crowdsourcing module here on LMR! Its purpose is to crowdsource ideas with the members of the LMR community and see which are the ones the community wants to see made.


AI and the theory of Connectivity

Big news, everyone!

According to the following article, intelligence could originate from a very simple algorithm:


I'll have to look into the theory of Connectivity some more. I'll bet our AIs could definitely benefit from this if it's true.

3D printed Charmander Pokemon

This is my 3D printed charmander. I printed this a couple hours ago for a friend participating in my 3D printing club at my school. It was printed with PLA at 230 degrees Celcius. It was fun printing it. The print took 1 hour and 45 minutes. I think I will print another one for myself. Thanks!!!

Arm no.5

This is the 5th arm i have made with 4 DOF

its the smallest one yet

it has a reach of 1000 mm

and a grab area of 15mm

its a standard arduino with a servo expansion board

programmed to take 3 coins from the user and deposit them

in the container on the back of the robot

it then lifts an object from A-B and then back again in a loop