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3d printed lego on my freshly calibrated prusa I3


Dear: LMR

Hey guys just 3d printed something on my 3d printer. What do you guys think?

From: Noah

Arduino Day 2017 in London


I was impressed from the quality of projects, variety and visitors. This last Arduino Day in London was great, different than last year. We had fun, visitors, demonstrations and even a little party after!

I don't want to talk much, let's that some pictures talk by themselves:

how to make programs



i need help with my elisa3 robot programing. i have problems making my robot follow the black line. can you help me with this. with the ADC using arduino programing. 



Rebates and Chance to Win an Arduino Based Robot Kit on Arduino Day 2017 at RobotShop

Ready for #ArduinoD17? A worldwide event bringing together Arduino People and projects.

Casual LMR Meeting AFK in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA)


Hi there!

Just a few words to show you a meeting AFK (Away From Keyboards) we two of LMRians had today. It was in Philadelpia as I was visiting USA for work and Andrew (AKA ignoblegnome) was able to meet. So here you have some pictures:

Andrew and Francisco in Philadelphia

Second Platform (reserved platform) and Separated Robotic Arm Platform

22 March Job done

Made The Platform for Arm

Today I've finished the platform for Inem robot arm which I developed separately. This platform consist of 6 dof robotic arm meanwhile the steering of the platform is created just like inem robot.


Sorry I left for so long...

Dear: LMR

Sorry I left for so long. It all started back a few years ago where robotshop just purchased LMR and I was so upset that the site was so quite for the longest time I just gave up and found some other sites to hangout on like thingiverse and coolkidsrobots. So I am going to make a vow to contribute more to LMR because it seems like that is no longer an issue and LMR is a cool site once again. After all those members left it seems like LMR recovered. Thanks!!!

From: Noah 

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A few of my walking robots.

I don't build a lot of robots these days as I have began building machinery, but still tinker with a few. The video shows 3 I made in past few years with the "monster" being most recent.

I made these from various scraps of acrylic, a few 3D printed parts and foam. The Stormtrooper was made as a conversion from a 4 foot tall toy.

remote control

i was wondering,  what would be a good way to control a robot using a smart phone, and if it is possible to do it with an old phone..?

About PIC16F74-I/P

Hello Friends,

I need some Help about PIC16F74-I/P . This PIC is not exist in the Component-Library of ISIS. 

in this case,  i can not find any program sample for the PIC. Has anybody experiences with this PIC ?

send me a simple program-sample, the rest i can do it..

program-sample about  register settings - include files - and oscilator XT settings

thanks a lot.


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Tech Tip - Comparing Linear Servos & Linear Actuators

In this Tech Tip video Kyle and Jason break down the differences between Linear Servos and Linear Actuators and various ways to operate them.

Scratch App Development

Hey everyone, I'm back. I wanted to talk a little about an app I am currently developing for my robot. Basically the apl is developed on scratch.mit.edu, and is sort of a virtual version of what I want my companion droids to be. The version I will add to my build journal is sort of aimed for younger kids, but I am planning to make a more adult-suited version. 

The companion droids are basically like friends/mentors for people with disabilities.

Also, I will be making an app for a personal droid, nothing to do with the Alliance of Droids companion projects.


Our Droids

Our Droids are made as companions for people with disabilities. This post is the first Build Log in the series of building Sp~S6, our prototype Companion Droid (CDP).

Unique found object sculptures

Hi there. I'm a uk based artist making found object robot sculptures. www.gizmobots.co.uk is my website. Thanks for looking! Mark

Why I want to build Companion Droids

How the CD came to be

By Liam Arbuckle, Alliance of Droids Co-Leader

My Dream is becoming true?

I think it is finally time to reveal information about my build. 

I am autistic and have a mentor that my parents have organised. He and I are planning to meet some members of the R2-D2 Builders Club to maybe organize something that could evolve into a building relationship.

Also, I have been busy creating some parts at school with the 3-D Printer. 

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but I will keep you posted!

The Ultimate Guide To Guides On Making Star Wars Robots

Long time lurker, first time poster, so let’s kick this off as most do with a quick bit About Me (They still call it that, right?!):

I’m a long time hobbyist. Started out on some smaller projects when I was younger and, as they say, the rest was history. I mostly have films to blame for this: watching stuff like The Terminator (hence the name) and Star Wars when I was (probably far too) young fascinated me and I’ve kinda been hooked ever since. 

So! Onto my first post:

The Technology Showcase London 2016 with Makeblock

Imagine 30 of the most trendy tech companies show you their new toys and gadgets and let you play with them before buy. That´s The Technology Showcase at Westfield in London four days this October, and more than 500,000 visitors on previous technology events.

The Technology Showcase Westfiled London 2016

I was invited by Makeblock to meet them, see their new robots and have some good time.

Modelling a Servo Spline

I have wanted to design my own servo arms for my robots without the need to attach the servo horns to them. With a 3D printer available I wondered if it was possible to manufacture hubs for the spline on the servo shaft. The problem was to know the geometry of the spline. I am not the only one to be frustrated about this it seems when I google on "SG-90 spline". Many have asked the question on forums but there hasn't been any clear answers on how the geometry of the splines look.

Planning my Robot


First up, I would like to apologize for talking about my website on here. I acknowledge that it is not the right place to talk about it.

Next, I would like to say that I have started with my plans for my robot. I have decided to use an Aruino system and have a controller that can be used to code custom paths.

Me, Robots, & Everything

Hello everyone. My name is Liam Arbuckle, and I am an autistic 14 year old living in Australia.

I am creating this blog post to talk about myself, so you can understand me better.

I am the current co-leader of the Alliance of Droids (www.allianceofdroids.com), and I aim to help people living with disabilities to make their world a better place.

I love Star Wars (I have since I was 8), and I have built my own R2-D2 with my uncle.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this awesome community!

Review: Kamigami Robots

At Maker Faire, I bought two 'robots': MiP which is really a pre-assembled robot which is more a toy than robot and a Musubi robot from Kamigami. 

I love toys and unlike many of you folks, electronics is still quite a mystery to me. So I like to buy kits when funds allow. I saw Kamigami last year at Maker Faire and I thought it a great idea. This year, they were selling them at a very attractive price (50 bucks at the Faire) so I bought one and it arrived in the mail this week. ( kamigamirobots.com )