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At last!

My package from USA arrived today. It contains the Tamiya dual gearbox, some tank treads, wheels and other stuff. Now I just need some time...

36 KHz modulated infrared light detector

I have started working on a new robot that is mainly based on LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. This robot is aimed at participating in DTU robocup 2008 but time will tell if it will be finished in time. Anyway in robocup the robot must at least be good at following a black line and preferably it should be able to accomplish other of the tasks at hand as well, and this is just not feasible using the standard LEGO sensors and the very limited number of these it can use at one time.

Ultra Sonic wannabe radar

Just made an litte deveice which measures a distance and the from the measured distance detirmens which of four LEDs to turn on or off

Ultra Sonic sensor working

Finally got the time to play with my pickaxe, and I've got my SRF05 working

Fun with LEDs

About time I post something here... :)

I have been experimenting with an alternative use for LEDs. What most people don't know is, that part from emitting light, LEDs can be used as light detectors. To try this, use a picaxe 28x1 or other picaxe that has ports that can be used as both output and input.  I have connected a standard green LED (the detector) with anode to port c1 and cathode to port c0 with no resistor on either pins. Also, I have a stanard red LED (indicator) with a 330ohm resistor on the standard output port 0 and GND.

The darn H-bridge

I just want to be able to reverse a current. How hard can it be?

I just want to be able to decide direction of the motor to my pic, why does it have to be so complicated?

Well - perhjaps it doesnt! Jip / Jimmy, the most clever guy in here just drew me this and send it to me.P2290333.jpg

The smallest and most-likely-to-burn-something H-bridge in the world!

If it works, I will make a full walkthrough about it.

If it burns my robot.. well.. he did warn me ;) 


Not quiet so sick anymore

Yeaaaa not sick anymore, going to work tomorrow, and ready to play with pickaxe again

Laying sick

Became sick allmost right after the last PROSA Robotics meetup, it realy anoying.

Enough outs?

I am building Yellow Drum Machine, (YDR).

I have set up the basic caterpillar tracks(note how most machines are yellow, it is a law of nature with caterpillar tracks, aparently), and 2 drumsticks. In other words, the usual & basic stuff for an YDR!


I am going to build a robot that can play drums!

There you go! 

.. OK, maby not drums, but at least play on things in a funky way! 

New roboteer from Sweden

Hi guys!

I'm from Sweden (Skåne) and very close to Denmark. I consider starting building these things, because it's really awesome and robots have always fascinated me.



I would like to be at the meeting, but it came a little sudden and noone around here at home knows about it. You guys gotta keep me updated, since I may come next time ;)

It blinks

Got my picaxe to turn a LED on and off, and then I connected a button I had laying around and got it to control the LED, that was what I got it to do on Saturday and Sunday, now I'm looking for my soldering iron and finding some wires and stuff and I'm going to try to connect my ultrasonic sensor and make it turn on and off different LEDs which LEDs will be determent by the measured distance.

Picaxe in the house

Så skete det endelig, jeg fik min pakke, tog dog også sin tid specielt fordi det var kø på posthuset og så var jeg lige ved at blive godt tosset på ekspedienten fordi hun bare smed med kassen, men jeg bevarede røen og fik min pakke, var dog nødtil at vente ca. 2 timer før jeg igen var hjemme og kunne åbne den.

Så nu skal jeg blot have ryttet mit arbejdsbord og så efter en gang middagsmad så det lege time. 

Yeaahhhh ØVVVVVV

Min pakke er teknisk set ankommet, men der var ikke lige nogen der kunne tage imod pakken, og post huset lukker kl 17 og med mindre jeg tager tidligt fri så kan jeg først være der kl 18:30, og hvad værrer er pakken kan først afhentes imorgen, hvor de åbner kl 10 imorgen og lukker kl 12.  Ringede til dem for at hører hvordan og hvorledes total ubehøvlet kvinde menneske, spurgte om pakken kunne hentes senere idag eller om posten kunne kører forbi igen, men nej det var umuligt.

Staling Lego-slaughter

I have used quite a lot of time on this robot, but I still do not have a good feeling with it.

It was made to be cruel to the pity Lego-creations in my local Robot Club.. And that may be the bad carma in it, the reason for the project to stall..

I am building and building, but it is not really going nowhere.. I think it is a bad idea to build to be cruel, I may just take it all apart, and start all over with something just intended to be fun, and not made to humiliate the little Lego-creations that others have made..


Øv ingen pakke idag, nå håber den kommer imorgen, indtil da har jeg to nyanskaffede C64'ere jeg skal have renset og sat i stand og testet


Venter spændt på at se om min ordre fra http://www.techsupplies.co.uk/ er kommet når jeg kommer hjem den blev sendt d. 11 fra UK så den må snart ankomme

Only autonmous robots are real robots!

Whatching TV, some guy displayed some "installation art", with a "robot horse", some mechanics controlled by electronics, looking oh so funny.

"That´s not a robot", I said.

"Why is noone elses robots but yours entitled to be called a real robot", my wife said.

I tried to explain to her, that what we just saw on TV was an installation, not an autonomous robot!

It is jus tlike "Robot Wars".. These things are NOT "robots" in my terms. They are "Remote controlled things"!

Oh no the horror!

After testing the motor driver and writing some code to control the robot based on line sensor input, I tried it out... Nothing seemed to happen so I double-checked the PICAXE 40X1 schematics with my robot's wiring and I have completely forgotten, that the two L293 pins for enabling motors should be wired to PWM outputs (Noooooo!). I guess I'll have to get my soldering iron heated and perform surgery on poor Pete. I was so happy that all the hardware I had wired just worked the first time... and the I go and do something like this *sigh*.

Motor driver tested

Today I tested that the motor driver circuit of PICAXE Pete does in fact work. I'm now in the process of writing some code for line following using my standard technique: find out where the line is by taking the mean value of a histogram of the sensor values and using this to calculate a regulation term for each of the two motors.

Power to the motors..?

I am building "Slaughter of Lego" these days.. But I have a problem feeding the motors enough voltage. Without building a complicated H-bridge, and without burning Servos.


It is a dual core mothafukka, wait and see ;)

Lego Killa!

Oh Yeah!!

I got mail, need saying more? :D



Hello World!

This is my first blog.. not so long ago I made my first Robot, got hooked by it, but missed a good place to share the hobby with others.

Luck is, that I work in a company that makes web systems, and my colleauges and I made this site.

We just need the final details, and then i will try to invite some of you out there who is also making robots, I am still alone in here.. Alone with my robots :)


LMR logo kit

Hi Folks,

 today,  LMR's first Birthday,  you've all discovered the new LMR logo


Fritsl had the very good idea of a logo kit, available to everybody.