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Arduino Day 2017 in London


I was impressed from the quality of projects, variety and visitors. This last Arduino Day in London was great, different than last year. We had fun, visitors, demonstrations and even a little party after!

I don't want to talk much, let's that some pictures talk by themselves:

Casual LMR Meeting AFK in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA)


Hi there!

Just a few words to show you a meeting AFK (Away From Keyboards) we two of LMRians had today. It was in Philadelpia as I was visiting USA for work and Andrew (AKA ignoblegnome) was able to meet. So here you have some pictures:

Andrew and Francisco in Philadelphia

The Technology Showcase London 2016 with Makeblock

Imagine 30 of the most trendy tech companies show you their new toys and gadgets and let you play with them before buy. That´s The Technology Showcase at Westfield in London four days this October, and more than 500,000 visitors on previous technology events.

The Technology Showcase Westfiled London 2016

I was invited by Makeblock to meet them, see their new robots and have some good time.

See you at Arduino Day 2016 at London

Hi there!

Maybe you know next Saturday 2nd of April is the Arduino Day. It's a day to celebrate the Arduino movement and all the good things we enjoy with Arduino.

Arduino day 2016 at London


Let's share our robots with the world! Follow Let's Make Robots in Social Media!

Hi folks!

It's being a while sharing projects and experiments together, developing out skills on robotics also having fun!

To make our community grow some of us though to make more dinamic out social media interactions at TwitterFacebookGoogle+ Profile and Google+ Community, Flicker and Scrapbook


Lets Make Robots dasboard for Twitter


Some of you have Twitter or Facebook or even LinkedIn. So Let's Make Robots does!

We ask you to interact with Let's Make Robots account in the main social sites we are, so we can:

Marketplace at Let's Make Robots running well


Las week I purchased a propeller at the Let's Make Robots Marketplace and it works great. Here is the picture of what arrived, also a Pixter X Platform module board!


Purchased at Let's make robots Marketplace