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Steve Grand’s "Creatures" Neurons simulated on Arduino Uno

Hey everyone, it’s me again.

So today I’ve been working on a project: recreating Steve Grand’s artificial neural networks from the old “Creatures” games on Arduino. Why, you ask?

Digital Microcontrollers in Parallel

Hey everyone, it's me again.

I originally posted this because I thought that I had an idea that was mostly unheard of. But it wasn't.

BEAM Robotics: A Lost Art

Hello again, everyone! Long time no see! So I've recently realized that I have a growing love for BEAM robotics and a great sadness that technology has marched on without it. I was just wondering about the following: 1. Did BEAM robotics fall out of fashion because (for many) it's much easier to program a microcontroller/computer than to build and debug analog circuits? I feel the same, but with neuromorphic chips on the rise, BEAM robotics and neuromorphic chips are still things I'd like to experiment with in the future. 2.

AI and the theory of Connectivity

Big news, everyone!

According to the following article, intelligence could originate from a very simple algorithm:


I'll have to look into the theory of Connectivity some more. I'll bet our AIs could definitely benefit from this if it's true.