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BODEBot - Basic Object Detection (and avoidance) Robot

Drives around using feedback from the Sharp IR sensor to avoid objects

Well...this is my first attempt at building a robot. Right now it does basic object avoidance and drives around...woohoo! I'm going to continue to tweak the code to refine his object avoidance.  The next thing I'm going to do for him is build a remote control that will have an LCD display and dual thumb sticks (one for driving, the other to control the head).



Arduino Uno

Adafruit Motor Shield

Rover 5 Platform

Sharp Infared Proximity Sensor - Sharp GP2D120XJ00F

SparkFun pan/tilt bracket



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Thanks OddBot!  Yeah that's something I was worried about.  I forgot to mention in the article but I swapped out the L293Ds for SN754410s.  I also have two additional SN754410s that I can piggy back on top if need be.  Would you suggest putting the additional ones on there?

Put a fuse or PTC fuse in series with the SN754410's power supply.

Hi, I've got the same setup: rover 5 ( 2motors +2encoders) and adafruit motor shield. Could you give more details about the fuse?

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm running 4 motors.

Thanks OddBot.  Yeah, my current setup is definitely less than efficient.  I'll look into the DAGU setup.  At this point I'm not even using the encoders.  I wanted to get this basic setup working then I was going to expand on it from there.