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Boe-Bot Robot with XBee and Mini Wireless Camera

Controls the robot using a desktop software

Hello all,
This is my Boe-Bot spy version using Basic Stamp 2 controlled by Desktop Software.
I used Delphi 7 IDE to create a user interface program to control the robot movements sending commands like move forward, backwards, turn right and left and others.

The communication between PC and Robot is made by 2.4GHz XBee module. These modules allow a very reliable and simple communication between microcontrollers, computers, systems, anything with a serial port.

One of the big features on this robot is the 900 Mhz Mini Wireless Color Camera with Microphone, adapted at the top of a Pan/Tilt bracket with a small and large servo motor allowing to move right/left and Up/Down.Another good feature on this robot is the Gripper that allow pick-up and carry small objetcs and the Tank Tread instead of regular wheels.

Wireless info :

2.4 GHZ XBee 802.15.4 = + - 300 ft (range)
900 MHZ Mini Wireless Camera = + - 150 ft (range)

PS.The Camera must have a dedicated 9 volt battery and can not be on the same frequency of the XBee module, in my case 2.4Ghz. After having gone through this problem, I got the 900 Mhz camera and them works great.


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Very nice robot. Did you make that gripper yourseld?

Thanks, I got this gripper from parallax.com as accessories for the boe-bot robot. you need assemble on your own  It's easy and really cool.

Hello, I'm searching tracks compatible with servos and not motors. Can you tell me where you saw that one please? thanks.

Really good work.

I am moved by this project because this is what i want to work on in school. could you help me with details of how you interfacedthe camera and the computer?. Thanks