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BoE Bot with WiFi Camera

Following the wall, WiFi Camera, manuelly control with smartphone and WiFi

This robot is based on a regular Parallax BoE Bot. I added 3 Ultra Sonic sensors, an Arduino WiFi shield and a WiFi web cam. Mainly the robot is following the wall on the right or on the left. It is also "looking" for the next wall. Manually control is possible with an Android smartphone and the local WiFi network. I use the free WiFi TCP/UDP app. With that app you can use some predeveloped functions to communicate with the WiFi shield. That's much better than with IR-Control. The camera pictures are shown in a browser on the PC.  The next stage will be to develop my own Android app to combine the remote control  with WiFi and the camera picture in just one app.

Update 17.11.2013

Now  added somem short videos.

The first one shows how the robot is following the wall autonomously.

2. Video
The picture of the robots WiFi camera shown on the PC.

3. Video

Following the wall with some obstacles

4. Video

Manually controled by an Android phone with the free app: WiFi TCP/UDP 


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I have added some short videos today.



 Where did you get the mini camera?

 Where did you get the eye-looking thingys(forgot what they were called, having a dumb moment) ?

 What program did you use for the wifi filming?

 ( Awesome spy prototype)  :P 

Hi Kelan,

The camera is a regular D-Link DCS-930L wireless, bought from Amazon for about 25.00 US$.
It works with the power from the BOE-Bot batteries.

Also the video app is the regular app from D-Link which comes with the camera.

To navigate and control the robot via WiFi I use the WiFi TCP/UDP controller available on the Play Store.
The "eye-looking thingys" are US-020 Ultrasonic sensors for measuring the distance.


They are available from different sources (also Amazon) for about 3.00 - 4.00 US$ each.




Are you using the controlling the robot around the obstacles or using left hand on a wall technique or fuzzy logic. I like how your robot smoothly follows the line and I have been trying to replicate something similar with just logic and its not that great IMO