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Brand New: So I have a end goal but first I figured I should start with baby steps only... what are the baby steps?

Hello! So, my main goal is to build what I'm calling a Personal Android. I've nicknamed this project, Project PersAn. I have some limitied experience with building a desktop computer and some very light coding via Second Life and learning the LSL scripting. I basically know just enough with coding to be able to modify current code or write very basic code. Such as making an object say something in local chat when touched or bringing up a menu with options and either doing or giving something depending upon what's been clicked on.

Now, not only do I want to to build this Persan but I want to put this hardware into a BJD (Ball Jointed Doll). When I shared this idea with a friend (originally I called it a Persocom) They were like oh you've seen Chobits? That reminder made me realize that was exactly what I was wanting to build. (It also prompted me renaming the project to avoid copyright infringements on Persocoms (which i was calling it that for Personal Computers and instead renamed it to Androids.)

Now... with my end goal in mind, I've come to realize I'm not quite sure where to delve in at. What is the baby steps, first steps, I should be taking? What exactly am I going to need to learn to do and what projects can I do that will allow me to learn what I need for each? Beyond the robotics and the ball jointed doll expenditures, should I be also planning on building a server/computer tower in conjucture with this? Any assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you very much for your time and for those wanting an understanding of Chobits/persocoms (I know it's a guys anime but it's cute when its not being perverted) if you google youtube Chobits Persocoms the first episode will come up. It does have mature themes so I'd say please don't go looking at it unless you're 17/18 and up :)

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Happy to help you brainstorm. Can you list the following:

  1. "Must have" features / functionality
  2. "Nice to have" features 

Some (random) questions:

  • What size do you want the robot to be?
  • What do you want the robot to physically be able to do?
  • Can you give a rough estimate of your budget (USD)?