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Building a line following robot with an ActoBitty and Arduino

Uses sensors to follow a line path

This Instructable shows the step by step instructions for building a cool little line following robot using the ActoBitty from Actobotics and an Arduino. Check it out!

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Cool robot. Although it could use a better sales pitch I like it. It is very aerodynamic seems like it can go fast, how fast can it go I am just so curious?

Maybe Actobotics doesn't realize that we consider Web Links posted as Robots to be pretty much a firm of advertising.

Now, if Actobotics had created a real Robot post, they would be more welcome. As it is, they're less welcome (to me) the a swarm of yellow jackets at a square dance. (As for the actual story, you never saw so many women pull their skirts off so fast.)

If this is all the info you can manage to post, there is the ability to post weblinks. It won't get the visibility of a robot post, but, with what has been posted here as a robot, it would be a more honest representation.

Bonus, you won't get members complaining that you are just spamming the site.

But as others have said, it would be a lot better if you re-posted it with details here on LMR and not just a Instructables link over.  Also, I would recommend a video with the product in use with the code running.  You should also cover the code a bit since you are using all Pololu libraries.  Nothing wrong with that, just too little information even on the INST pages.

In looking at the code, I think the bot would swing wildly from left to right like a metal detector being swung :)  I do think it would follow a line though.

Now.... I am sure there would be several members here that would do a real review if you wanted one.  The bot looks fine and seems to be a good value at @30$ USD.

We are in no way attempting to spam or intentionally frustrate your members. We honestly thought some of you might enjoy a fun little robot tutorial, and hoped that by just posting the link, instead of copying/pasting the entire Instructable, it would be a cleaner post.  Our attempts to provide your community with info about new products, Actobotics projects, and sales seem to have hit a nerve somewhere along the line, which was never our intention and is unfortunate.  We felt as though we posted in the correct places on your forum, and only when we felt we had relevant info to share.  Many of the forums we are on (mostly R/C related, but robotics too) welcome vendors and enjoy learning about the new parts and services we have to offer.  However, after participating in LMR for over a year now, we realize this is not a standard forum (in a good way!).  Instead of being a simple search/find forum like many others, yours is more focused on the community of robot builders and working cohesively on projects.  While LMR is chuck full of helpful links and information, it is also a place were hobbyists come to build relationships with other robotics enthusiasts. Lately, we have felt pretty unwelcome.  We very much value this community, and hope we can start fresh. Our intentions here have always been very real, here is how we'd like to prove it...

1) Moving forward, our posts will be about the projects we are working on, with more "robotics meat" :) 
2) We want to send you FREE parts so you can see the quality of Actobotics first hand.  All you have to do is send us a message through LMR and provide us with your shipping address.  We'll get a sample package of parts headed your way, and hopefully they will be of use to you in a project or two.