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Call for reviewers Pulsed Light Distance Sensors

Update: 7 October 2015


Thank all of you for your interest and ideas! After the waiting here are the winners for this review:


Congratulations! LMR's team will contact you and arrange the shipping. Please wait for their contact.
For the rest of contestants don´t worry as there are plenty of opportunities coming: two reviews per month means a lot of chances for everybody, keep making robots and participating ;-)


UPDATE: 5 October 2015


Hey there! We´re almost finish for the call for reviewers. This is what is going to happen next:

  1. Anyone has until end of day Tuesday to apply for the calls to reviewers,
  2. reviewers will be chosen Thursday,
  3. and products sent Friday.

Good luck, let´s do our best and LMR! ;-)


Hi dear LMR members!


Could your robot measure the distance like a Google automated car? Well, maybe you can do something similar now. Today we have the chance to give away two nice Pulsed Light Distance Sensors for your reviews.

This sensor offers great value, great range and accuracy. It´s main specs are (full description here):

  • Faster, more accurate and more powerful than Legacy Lidar-Lite

  • Compact 51mm x 30mm x 39mm module with 40m measuring range

  • Signal Processing Improvements offer 5X Faster Measurement Speeds

  • Range: 0-20 m LED emitter

  • Range: 0-60 m Laser emitter

  • Accuracy: +/- 0.025m

  • Power: 5 VDC, <100 mA

  • Rep rate: 1-100 Hz

  • Interface: I2C or PWM

  • Improved I2C Communications and assignable I2C Addressing

  • Great for drones, robotics and other demanding applications


It's not complete on its own, so the reviewer will need to integrate it with other products / projects. Maybe a robot you built already or something you are building right now or planned to make. So don’t miss this chance!

Call for reviewers-LetsMakeRobots_Pulsed Light Distance Sensors

If you want to get a chance just tell in a comment:

  1. That you are a member for more than 6 months, with at least 2 publications of enough quality (it is at the discretion of LMR to decide that quality, but it's are fair, just try your best!).

  2. What would you like to do with one of these Pulsed Light Distance Sensors.

  3. It´s not compulsory, but at least that you will consider the “Tips on writing reviews at Let’s Make Robots”, specially videos with LMR intro and end.

Between all contestants LMR will select 2 members who will receive for free and review these nice sensor. Good luck!

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Dear: Franciscodr

I would love one of those sensors. I have been running into problems using a Kinect sensor for my rover 5. Heck if I had one of those it might solve the problems with my Kinect sensor. I will write the absolute best review I can and make as many videos as I can for the sensor. Can I write the review please?

From: NOah

Thanks Noah! So fast do good!

You are in the list to be on the run for it! Let´s see... ;-)

Dear: Franciscodr

Am I going to be the one to write a review for it or am I being considered? I'm not getting what you said. Thank you.

From: Noah

Hi Noah,

Thanks for your interest. The call for reviewers is not closed yet, so we have to wait to know who will review. Thanks for your patience!

Hello Franciscodr,

I would be happy to throw my hat in the ring to review this product. I would love to add it to my existing rover project as a sensor on the pan and tilt mast. I would like to use my unused audio channel on my FPV equipment to broadcast the range information to my ground station.  I have some decent camera equipment and would enjoy the opportunity to write a review and post some photos of the progress. 


Hey Wilsorob,

Thanks for your interest. Your proposal is very interesting. Let´s see ;-)

I was one of the original backers if the LIDAR Lite. See my earlier forum post on the topic advertising their first version. I have two of them. I really enjoyed following the company. I would love the opportunity to test the latest version and give them a review. I am almost done with the mBot review so this would be a great project to move to next.

Oh thanks OrionBot!

Thanks also for your description and let´s see how it goes ;-)

With the faster processing speed I'm very curious how well this sensor would perform as a functional scanning LIDAR. A small DIY Scanning LIDAR would be a great advancement over the traditional object avoidance bot. Good luck to anyone who gets a chance to review this they'll become an expert in type of sensor.  That is something I'm finding I like about doing reviews. You may not have a lot of time to work on your personal robot project but agreeing to doing a review makes it serious. If you're worth your salt you'll follow through with the agrement and get the benefit of the experience along the way!

I think you are right OrionBot,

That LIDAR is a great advancement to give a DiY robot much better location/navigation capabilities.

Also reviews are good chances to learn in deep about the product, but also about its surrounding technology and applications. Whoever get the review, I´m looking forward to see the great reviews all our members can do for the sake of LMR and robotics.