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Campus Party London 2013 - Aftermath

This is the place where you will find the detailed report, pictures, videos of the Campus Party event 2013 in London with the view of our Letsmakerobots guys (well, and the guys from Roboternetz with whom we shared the table).

If you have been there then please let me know if you want to show or write something, so we can show it here in one big blog post.

Campus Party in London was held in the O2 Arena, one huge dome with a cinema, lots of restaurants and the big event area.

First we had to go to London and that was a 22 hours trip from Germany via Calais and Dover. We arrived Dover with the ferry in the morning.

After arriving in Dover we hit the road again... the last miles (yep, now we had to life with the imperial units) to London.

Our destination is the O2 arena...that big top or circus tent with the spikes on the next picture.

After arrival we had to line up for tent area registration (sorry no pictures from there) and then 300-500 meters away in the O2 arena to lining up for the CP event itself. As you can see, there are a few people waiting :-)

If you look close then you can find RobotFreak in the picture above. Besides him is Markus, a member of the biggest German robot forum Roboternetz.de.

After the CP registration I was heading to find the table...and finally found it (with help of the staff). Funny, because I uploaded the map by myselves but could not remember.

Our table, clean and reserved :-)

...and looking much better by the next day...

As we already started working after arrival the table became quite a source for tools and spare parts for other Campuseros as well. Glad that we got some soldering irons so we could lend them one from time to time.


These two guys (actually it was a team of three from Spain i believe) did have a need of a soldering iron. They build this remote conrolled robot arm and the code within one week before the Campus Party. Pretty impressive.

Following some pictures of the LMRians and their CP robots.

RobotFreak presenting the BoB family Frankenbob and Bobette as well the Tadpole robot during the only one robot talk on stage Galileo.

isotope and on his right Just4Fun from the German roboternetz.de listening RobotFreak's presentation and waiting for their turn.

...and of course Frits. Sadly we could not have the whole time fun with him because he needed to urgent flying back to Denmark.

The second day we saw these two guys rolling a humanoid robot to the stage area. I did not get any information about that one. (Campuseros, please let me know in comments if you know more about that)

Back to our table. This is a Portugese co-production. xicoMBD and renatose made this Coca Cola dog. Please guys, let us know if it surived the way back and please upload a video.

I was hoping to see that hexapod walking but HeXPloreR from the German robot forum did not get it done in time, but he really tried :-)

Sebas modified one of the remaining ALF kits with a Cheapduino a micro servo and an IR receiver. There was still no final code version but it moved already quite funny. (Sebas, please let us know the final result).

That is Just4Fun's quadcopter. It's running with an R-Pi and an Arduino. Also that one did not fly but played awesome sound and speech samples as well had moving eyes.

I can say that RobotFreak was to most efficient guy at our table, at least from the work you can see. Here is his assembled Tadpole robot...and the following picture shows his Frankenbob with his girlfriend Bobette...

To show that we robot builder are not only insane people we gladly showed off isotope's iron robot. The ladies passing by did recognize that houshold device.

In the following picture we can see HeXPloreR putting together a "bristle bot" made of a "Stress Ball" we got from one of the companies booths.

As the last picture I want to show the BoB parade. Those little guys really gave quite a show.

This years Campus Party was not that good than last year but still, I was glad to see some of you guys again and some of you for the first time. That alone was it worth to take this long ride with the bus and sleep n the little tent. I hope to see you guys and maybe new/other ones next year in ... yeah, rumors said Madrid...


Will be continued...

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More please.

May I have more?

Is there any more where this came from?

Can I see more?


Yes there is more but I need to write it down little by little. Please keep looking, it will come soon :-)

He he, nice photo collection, Lumi.

The unknown humanoid robot is the Robothespian a very cool humaid robot. I participated in a workshop with the Robothespian at CP. We have learned to create a presentation with a virtual Robothespian. Unfortunately the server crashed before I could save my work. So there was no time to test the presentation on the real Robothespian. Anyway, it was a great workshop.


Thanks RobotFreak, that's cool that at least you got some info :-)

We finally posted Alfredo on LMR: https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/39519

We didn't do it earlier because we didn't have any videos from it, however the other day we did found some that people posted on the internet :D

Unfortunately it broke a leg on the ferry and never got back on its feet :-(

Great that Alfredo finally got his place on LMR. Youz guys did a great job by creating this funny creature. Well done. Even 3am in the morning nobody can stop LMRians from working on robots :-)