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Cartesio – low cost cartesian plotter robot

Plotter robot arm

Recently the famous site evilmadscientist introduced the new art robot called Axidraw.I saw the robot in action and it is very similar to the robot I built in the 2015, called Cartesio, a 3d printed cartesian robot. Cartesio is similar to Axidraw, the main differences are: – Cartesio is a cartesian robot (xy movement) while Axidraw is a type of corexy movement (t-bot I think) – Cartesio is based on Arduino, while Axidraw is based on the EBB Driver board – Cartesio has a large working area (40×30), like an A3 paper, while Axidraw has a normal working area (30×20), like an A4 paper. – Cartesio is 3d printed, while Axidraw is in metal (? this is not very clear watching the pictures) – Axidraw can write with a fountain pen, Cartesio not (yet) – Axidraw costs 450$, Cartesio costs 60$. Not bad! Cartesio is programmed in Processing for the image processing, use a fork of GRBL to translate the Gcode produced by the processing sketch in commands for the stepper motors. All the details are here: http://robottini.altervista.org/cartesio-low-cost-cartesian-plotter-robot

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awesome work.. thank you.

Impressive work. I will go to the link and try to learn something from you. been always wishing to make a humanoid who draws sketches of human(simple but identical) to donate it to a school science class to motivate kids towards DIY & eng...hope to get some help...god bless you alegiaco