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Caterpillar Type 1 - USB Rechargeable Handmade Light Seeking Robot - BEAM

Follows Light


Robot Caterpillar Type 1

Oscillates left right, left right while chasing light.

Six body segments which oscillate independently as well as being influenced by the head segment's eyes.
(Head Bicore with 5 Slavecores)

Travels about 1 Foot every 2 Seconds on smooth surfaces.

One of a kind, handmade BEAM inspired working robot.

Has a Lithium Ion battery which runs for 20 to 30 minutes on a full charge. Charges via USB cable in about 10 minutes.

This one recharges using mini-b USB cable (for cameras and cellphones).

He has a High and Low speed.

13" Long x 2" Wide x 1 1/2" Tall



My purpose is to amuse you and provide you with an example of analog intelligence and simple mechanics.

I have no programming and no processor.

My mind consists of a basic decision making process with analog light inputs.

I follow light.

I have been assembled from components intended for computers, toys, cordless telephones and cell phones.


 The circuit I designed for this robot is basically an oscillating Inverter based BiCore.

 A pair of Phototransistors bridged between positive and negative control the oscillation duration of the head segment.

 Each body segment is an independent oscillator influenced by the head segment, causing the variations in the head segment to travel along a chain in a delayed fashioned.

 The influence of the head segment are rippled along the body segments.


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That has a very nice motion. It looks alive. What sort of runtime does it get? If you added remote control to it I reckon it could be a hit?


 Hey Merser,

 It runs for 20+ minutes on a charge, due to the simplicity of the circuit and just the right battery.

 Thanks, back when I designed The Caterpillar, I was still working with All Analog circuits, so I hardwired it with 74hc240 inverters using BEAM principles, that gives it a nice organic behavior; now that I have been working with microcontrollers for awhile I have had the notion to combine analog and digital circuitry.

 The IR RC Robot Type 1 could very well be the head segment for The Caterpillar.



Amazing! 5 Stars!! :D

Hey there Adam,

Very nice design.  Your bot was mentioned on Makezine.com today!!  Awesome!!!




Frank G.