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Change the color theme in the Arduino IDE

Might please your eyes.

We had a SB discussion today. Some people got problems with the new color scheme in the Arduino IDE. Suggestions from birdmun hit my curiosity and that's the result.

Find the file theme.txt in path arduino-1.0\lib\theme (arduino-1.0 might be differnt in your case)

and edit the colors as you like them:

Example picture with the color changes I made (extreme for display purpose) and the result in the IDE:

Note: See the line numbers to find that particular position.


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If you get really crazy with your colors, you might want to consider changing the background color of the icons that are in the theme directory.

Yes, all is in one place. Easy to change the colors. Anyway, I am ok with the current colors, just wanted to show if somebody is interested :-)