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Chopstick Junior Resurrected

Navigate around via ultrasound

Hello everyone

First of all I would like to congratulate everyone for such an amazing community.

I don't have a robotics or electonic engineering backgroung (I'm a Chemical Engineering major) :) but I've always loved electronics and robotics.

I've started to rekindle a long forgoten interest a couple of months ago when I bought a Raspberry Pi and eventualy bought an Arduino, and it's been fun ever since...

This is my first quadrapod and I decided to replicate Chopstick Junior because I loved it when I first saw it... (love all bots that mimic Nature)

This is mostly a replication of Lumi's original Chopstick with an UltraSound sensor. (Chopsticks, Ice Cream sticks, scotch tape and Polymorph)

The code is a mix of Lumi's original and some other peaces of code that I found in the internet.I think some of it is from ChickenParmi James robot. I take no credit for any of it... I just stiched it up together, poorly I must add :):)This is one of my difficulties I can't write a program from scratch, but I can understand other programs and adapt them to my needs... I know its strange but I don't know if it makes sense...

Well this is steel a work in progress as you can see the sensor some times aparentley sees some imaginary obstacle :) and the walk steel needs a lot of work... see him trying to wall backwards... :) I'll keep you updated...

Hope to come up with an original project real soon, but first I'm going to try to replicate Oddbots Caterpillar and JerZ Penny, to master my skills :):)

Best regards



Some close ups of the build:


Link for the Arduino code: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9603759/Chopstick_Junior_Ressurected.txt


Here are some more pictures of the build.


Bottom of the robot

Polymorph base with chopsticks screwed to it.



4xAA batterie casing screwed to polymorph base


Arduino on top of batteries with some foam to insulate it :):):) or so I hope... and mini breadboard on top with a maze of wires... :):):)


Didn't use hot glue, used only polymorph to secure servo horns to ice-cream sticks and scotch tape to secure knee servos, wich came in handy because I had to readjust the knee servos a lot to balance the robot correctly. Hip servos are screwed to the chopsticks. Also made a litlle polymorph platform for the ultrasound sensor that I screwed to the servo horn and the sensor. 9V batterie behind sensor servo.

View without Arduino and baterries.

Arduino and power supllies used.


Hope you can get a nicer understanding of the building process.






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Oh yeah, that's very cool. Your code works much better than mine. Would you share it here that we all can benefit :-)

Do you also power it with just 4x AA? Do you have some pictures during the build? I would really love to see more details about how you did all that stuff. Don't worry about using the code. All code published on Letsmakerobots.com is basically Open Source as we like to give others the chance to complete their projects even if they are not programmers :-)

Not bad for a Chemical Engineer :-) As a Chemist you might have a look to MarkusB's work with rocket fuel.

Hi there Lumi

Thanks for your words but my code is basically your code :) with the additional lines for the ultrasonic sensor. I posted the link for the code after the pictures.

I'm powering the servos with the 4XAA and the Arduino with the 9V, I tried powering everything with the 4xAA but the servos didn’t moved so I decided to keep the 9V. Nevertheless it hold the weight... :)

I don't have pictures of the building process itself but I took some more pictures (that I'll upload as soon as possible), that show more detail of the robot so everyone can get the idea of what I did to keep everything together...

At the moment I still toying with the code to make him do all the moves that the original one did :), and in the meanwhile I building 3 more robots that I'll post as soon as possible.

Best regards.

Thanks for the additional pictures. I may be the only one who runs that robot with juist 4x AA Eneloop. Either my batteries or my servos are from a good batch :-) Yes, please post the code file when you have improved it more.

Three more robots? Cooool \o/

Build photos uploaded :)

This is really good and thanks for a side effect: it boost me to finish my own reboot of the nice Chopstick little guy ;)

(and by the way, thanks Lumi for the good inspiration)

very well quadpod.now i m working about yours. but i cant reach the sample codes.Could you add this again :)