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Circuit Simulator

Simulates electronic circuits.

Recently I have been learning electronics and realized that a circuit simulator could be useful.  Of course I wanted one that was easy to use and free.  After doing some Google searches, I found one called TINA-TI.  It is free, easy to download and simple to use.  It runs on Windows 7 and Windows XP systems.


The link to it is:


There is a quick start guide on the same page in PDF format.


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Cool. Thanks.

Is there anything out there that fits the 'free and easy to use' requirement for mac?

Tik-Tok, take a look at the software called 'Yenka Technology'. I used this at school when it was known as Crocodile Clips and recently had a play with it (though on a Windows machine, not a Mac, thought it looks like a Mac version is available).


I have tried to play with the EveryCircuit program from Google Play and it looks promising for small circuit.


Check out the free version.